Thursday, March 10, 2011

louis vuitton fall2011 at the pfw

what better way to conclude the Paris Fashion Week?♥
all hearts and thumbs up! the fountain from last time will be forgotten in
no time. this time, the elevator and 4 doormen shall be etched
in everyone's memory along with the gorgeous pieces of course.

Marc Jacobs did a great job again. as expected? hehe.;)
much as looks are drool-worthy, i'm all for the little details
this time. i love the accessories! ♥
my top peg from the show. definitely the best look!♥
from the shiny leather coat, to the bag, to the gorgeous shoes!
i think i can wear nothing, and then just put those shoes on.
and the hat too. ;)

nice print. not so fall-ish to me though.

i was left with nothing to say but "who's this girl?"

i wish i have multiple thumbs for this! ♥

oh yes, that's Naomi Campbell right there.

and THE Kate Moss, beybeh!
this is what i'm effin talking about from my last post. =)
btw, did you see she's got a smokin' stick on her right hand?
she huffed and puffed on the runway! but is it just me, or the photo's
not really flattering. deary's not looking so skinny, eh?
so there you go rats and frogs, the last of
Paris Fashion Week for me.♥
but not for the blog tho. will post more.;)
btw, all photos here are from friends from


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