Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the Costabella Tropical Beach Resort experience

i'm sure a lot of you, like me, have been to Cebu more than just once.
no reasons needed to do so, the Queen City of the South
is simply beautiful! =) and each visit is none like any other. it is
always a new and wonderful experience. just as the case when i was
last there. :)

well, this last time is such a beautiful experience because of an entirely
new beautiful reason that is the Costabella Tropical Beach Resort. ♥

the sun was in its all-glorious state when we arrived that it was so
tempting to just jump into their enormous pool (which they have two, by the way).

our home for a very relaxing three-day stay.♥
we love the balcony so much. it's the ultimate hang-out anytime of the day. ;)

the food is superb! i am almost always rendered speechless,
they're so good they demand half of your wallet! ;)
the breakfast buffet,which usually is included in the accommodation,
offers all-good brekky goodness. i personally could not get enough of the
guava juice! and their tsokolate is to die for. Costabella prolly also serves one
of the best french toast in the south. :) oh, don't get me started with the egg
station! do you all know how eggs are sometimes heavenly?
you'll know, i promise! :)

Costabella is a secluded private resort in Mactan so if you're looking to spend
a night out, you might want to reconsider. but fret not, because Costabella
still provides a cozy lounging spot on the shore perfect for a few drinks
while your toes play in the sand, and you and your friends have a good laugh.

have i mentioned the beach? gah! it's a delightful sight! ♥

it was just our first step inside Costabella, and yet we knew we were coming back again. ♥


Saturday, February 23, 2013

PLDT myDSL's best commercial for me is...

of the four infamous PLDT myDSL tv commercials,
i'd have to say this one's my utimate, over, super, duper favorite! =D

it's the sad Derek-got-busted one. :) i know guys, i know.
you must all be in a bad frown wondering why i love the saddest of the bunch.
well, the simple reason is that it's the one closest to home. :)
it's what hit the bull's eye. it's my story, your story,
it's everybody's story!
it shouts that, really, the strongest connections are at home. :)

in this day and age where we all have virtual lives, young and old alike,
communication has taken a new face. :) it is so much more easier
reaching out to our families, friends and loved ones, to the whole world basically.
this is especially so when the internet connection is excellent.
and PLDT myDSL does just that! :)

take the Lorenzo family for instance. it must have been real hard
for Derek watching Anna's vid response making fun of him. :(

i think of my little brother and i know he'd be heartbroken.

but what's even harder, i think, is telling mom & dad.
but since PLDT myDSL provides family-sized connection and sharing
at home, the whole family's by Derek's side before he even had
time to go sulking. now that's some kick-ass internet connection! =)
everybody's cheering Derek up in no time, and that's because
no one had to wait to get connected. it's sharing and connection
for the whole fam, all the time, at the same time! :)
see folks? how can the Derek-got-busted commercial be not my fave?
it lives up to PLDT myDSL's credo of family-sized
connection and sharing at home. :)

how 'bout you guys? which one tickles your fancy?
i'm sure the first one with the Anna Banana song was everybody's lss for a while. ;)

maybe the sweet Aria, Derek's new Anna vid?

or the one with Booster? his is easily my runner-up! :)
talk about family-sized connection! plus, doggie's too cute! :)

i know!!! they're all cute and like me, y'all could not get enough of the Lorenzos. :)
so head on over to the PLDT myDSLAnna Banana YouTube Channel 
and subscribe to keep yourself updated on everybody's favorite family. :)

and so we can all be tight like the Lorenzos, get a PLDT myDSL connection now!

"Your home deserves unlimited sharing from the strong,
reliable, family-sized connection of myDSL. The strongest connections are at home, so visit www.pldthome.com
to get your family connected today!"

Friday, February 22, 2013

cover wars: February (across seas)

what's up hearts' month?
ha, is it dog days o'er there? ;)

well, well, well, if it isn't my girl pal Poppy Delevingne here? ;)

because Carrie Mathison is a crazy head, she landed Claire Danes
an Elle cover. how wondefully crazy! ;)

i can only guess what the words mean by context,
but i just love how the layout shouts CELEBRATE! ;)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cara Delevingne: from New York to London Fashion Week

i'm sure you've all noticed it too.
Cara Delevingne is all over the New York Fashion Week,
and the London Fashion Week. she's walking almost every
big show of the season. i know it's hard to remember or pick out a face
from a runway but i have been seeing her too much that i
recognize her even under heavy make-up and outrageous hair.
don't get me wrong, i am not complaining.:)
it's just amazing to see 'model of the moment' actually happening
and the fashion week shows being the evidence.
this is like Natasha Poly or Abby Lee-Kershaw all over again! ♥

so here are where she walked and burned the runways from New York...
Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 RTW

Michael Kors Fall 2013 RTW

Oscarde la Renta Fall 2013 RTW

Rodarte and Derek Lam

Jason Wu

...to London Fashion Week.
Giles Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear

Peter Pilotto

Mulberry Fall 2013 RTW

Matthew Williamson

Topshop Unique


Sister by Sibling

and of course Burberry Prorsum. ♥
this is what, only the second stop of the season?
ha! there's still Milan and Paris. so drool, drool, drool.
i know we all cannot get enough of this stuff. ;)
i mean who doesn't love Cara Delevingne?

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