Monday, May 30, 2011

infinite CHAKRA

if you've seen at least one ep of the Naruto saga or read one
chapter of the original manga version, then you might be thinking of
it just now when you saw the title of the post. hihi. ;) *kind of did
that on purpose*

i have honestly never heard of chakra before except
when i'm watching Naruto. oh yes, i do. =)
actually, it started just this summer when i ran out of
dvd while still on my staycation. i was left with no choice
but watch with my lil bro. and boy was i hooked from then on.
just mildly though. *giggle*

see that red energy cloud? that's chakra.

Naruto was all there is to the word until i came across
Georges Chakra. i was tuned to Fashion One when
his name flashed on the screen. what a cutesy name!
but my jaw dropped when i turned my gaze towards the
dress floating on the runway. it was gorgeous!!!

this was not the dress i saw on tv (cause i couldn't find it
on the web). but this is equally, if not more, gorgeous.
plus Emily Blunt's wearing it! *i love her!* 

Geoges Chakra was born and raised in Labanon but is now
based in Canada. he has been presenting his haute couture
in the Paris Fashion Week since 2001, and launched
his rtw line called Editions by Georges Chakra in
February of 2009. he manages his fashion house along
with co-founder Jocelyne Abdel Malak.

besides Emily Blunt, he has also dressed big stars like
Beyonce, Rihanna, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez.

the design of this dress is perfectly sexy without sacrificing
being classy. no wonder he's a fave on the red carpet. check the
Georges Chakra website and salivate over his ready-to-wear
collections and oh-so-immaculate wedding gowns. it is difficult to
find great words that are gonna do justice to what awe and
admiration i have for his work. each dress is just a creation
fit for a woman who commands awe from everyone,
and probably everything, she lays eyes on. ♥


Saturday, May 28, 2011

run Missus run

you're a real saver if you've heard of this. ;P
on the second thought, maybe not. hahaha! =D

anyhoo, frogs & rats get yer running gear ready
and head altogether to SMX for this year's biggest sale.
"The Great Luxe Sale 2011" is offering up 70% off on your
favorite luxe brands from make-up to clothing, from home decor
to almost everything.

oopsie, i hear some hearts skipping a beat or two already! ;P
run Missus run! oh, don't forget to bring a mesh bag
for your shopping loot. you gotta have one besides that
thick purse of dough babe. =)

by the way y'guys, where were you yday?
anyone able to drop by the Bloggers United event?
i heard it was really interactive as promised.
bloggers like Laureen UyCamille Co,
Kryz UyRosanna Aranaz, and others were in flesh
to give bloggers and fans alike a rare shopping experience.


Friday, May 27, 2011


it's never the same going ol if i didn't visit one of my
super, uber, most loved blogs. the olsensanonymous.

why click away already, won't you?
whatever are you waiting for? have it readied for you
right up there, just click the link. if ya don't feel it there,
the blog's also on my radar list on the sidebar. =)

i know you'll understand when i say i don't even know
which words to use when talking about them. there are too
many good words. and this street style too. classy + fresh. ♥
if you wanna see more of this, click here.

btw, have you froggies seen Beastly? Mary-Kate plays
Kendra, the witch who cast a spell on Alex Pettyfer's
role that's supposedly gonna make him the 'beast.'
lemme hear your thougths. ;*


hot summer, not?

i'd like to blame it on my too much excitement for summer
to come. seriously! i looked forward to hot days under
the sun since the first day of March. and it's just about
to end in few blinks from today, and i didn't even get a peek
at a very-much-wanted hot summer.
aish! so here's to my frustration! =P
i wish it's me instead of Cameron Russell getting shot
by Russell James for Calzedonia Spring2011 campaign.



whether you frogs & rats missed me or not, well...
that is the question! ha! =P

i hate to apologize for being MIA for like forever. i honestly did
myself a big favor and had a good long breathing of fresh air.
but i still feel awfully sorry for not saying anything, so forgive me?

this is my comeback love. my girl Leighton Meester for
Vera Wang Lovestruck. fyi: i'm more of a Blair fan than
a Serena fan, so you'd guess right if you'll say i like this ad.
dig in loves! *blowin' kisses to ya all*

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