Friday, May 27, 2011


it's never the same going ol if i didn't visit one of my
super, uber, most loved blogs. the olsensanonymous.

why click away already, won't you?
whatever are you waiting for? have it readied for you
right up there, just click the link. if ya don't feel it there,
the blog's also on my radar list on the sidebar. =)

i know you'll understand when i say i don't even know
which words to use when talking about them. there are too
many good words. and this street style too. classy + fresh. ♥
if you wanna see more of this, click here.

btw, have you froggies seen Beastly? Mary-Kate plays
Kendra, the witch who cast a spell on Alex Pettyfer's
role that's supposedly gonna make him the 'beast.'
lemme hear your thougths. ;*


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