Saturday, October 20, 2012

Elie Saab S/S 2013

i normally don't have much to say about Elie Saab's creations.
and i still don't have. :) i mean the dresses just say it all.
and usually i'm just at my best drooling self so not time to say anything. ;)
but bear a little with me now because i will be saying a few.

okay, so this first blue dress is a killer! :)
it's so lola to me, like so '50s or so Stepford-ish kind of way
that it tickles me to try to put on my own floral lola dress
that i have never worn yet since the day i bought it.

a serious play of prints.
i say this the subtle goodbye from the beautiful lace.
or hopefully just a way to cut the monotony. ;)
i don't know how i'll define my love of Elie Saab dresses
without the lace. =) 

i was wrong with the blue dress because this one is
deffo the killer! besides having me at the white, the cut is just
crazy genius! this is Grecian goddess to a whole new modern way. :)

lace ingenuity!

why hello there, mr. Genius! =)
for more from his S/S 2013 collection visit


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