Thursday, October 11, 2012

blogAvid: Kickstarts by Example

so this is the song that introduced me to dubstep. =)
quite a song, right? heehee. well, it was actually my little brother
who got me hooked to the genre. i kind of love how they're
so cool versions, sometimes cooler, of songs.
and the originals? wow, they're seriously wicked!

if you'd like to have dubstep defined you can check, but i say dubstep is.....
who cares what i say? haha! =)
for starters, dubstep is basically a new genre
of electronic music. =)

i love this song because it's perfect for virgins!
dubstep virgin that is. it has quite a subtle attack since
it still has that pop kick. below is a remix of the song.
and the video is like a short film that's so sick! simply beautiful. =)

if you know Skrillex, you know dubstep. =)


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