Thursday, April 26, 2012

redhead take #2

it's still summer, and all the saltwater's been painful to my heart.
why? just 'cause i've been dying to color my hair already.
fading is what's happening up there! what's worse is i bumped
into Miranda Hobbes (y'know of SATC) while watching
Sex and the City on HBO.


and then Emma Stone has to do it too. i mean inspire. :)

oh, and Lindsay Lohan of course. ♥
i love how she went back to her redhead-edness. ;)

i'd normally color my hair auburn, the darkest possible shade.
sometimes i'd use Epielle's when i'm in the mood
for some diy at home.

but i'm not quite so sure with the auburn anymore.
i'd like my hair to be really a colored redhead's
dream come true. so right now, i'm in the hunt for burnt orange
or copper. the darker the better, 'cause y'know a redhead's
hair gotta look like this. ♥


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cover wars: April (local scene)

Divine Lee graces the cover of Preview April wearing
Kermit Tesoro who's a good friend of hers. 

good styling is the key! ♥
Judy Ann Santos couldn't get any better. it spells
inspiration all over. girl power. atta!

one of the prettiest faces in the country, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales.
btw, she hosts Project Runway Philippines 3, and i just have to say
she can do better. ;)

Rogue always does it! winner by gorgeous default. ♥
now i wonder if this was a paid ad feature since
Solenn Heusaff has a Selecta Magnum in hand. hmmm...

of course, as you all loves know, the last is always the month's pick. ♥
and my April is one of Metro's 3 April covers, with Maja Salvador.
i love it when they glam her up 'cause she's just always
so simple-looking that a lot of gorgeous-ness is wasted. ♥


cover wars: April (across seas)

i-D has always been one of my favorites. always!

as usual, the last one is the winner. drool over them loves! ♥

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

still of summer and spring

summer shouldn't be over simply because this kind
of gorgeousness must stay! ♥ 
you guys know how i love drooling for stuff over
at FashionGoneRogue, right? this is one of the
reasons why! gosh, i love the yellow and the contrast
of the shadow of the leaves (coconut/palm i think).
plus, the pieces are so magically manipulated
by the stylist that they all turned out ingenious.
please stay some more summer! ♥


TRENDencies: a take on the pastel pants

 remember when every pair of jeans in town was colored?
haha. i'm sure i got some of you laughing or giggling.
don't worry, i'm guilty. i might've worn The pair a couple
of times (yeah, just a couple 'cause i was never a pants person).

now, years later the colored is back. only, now it's in
pastel colors which are really things of the season.
i must say i am loving 'em. especially that i have
been seeing them on my fave people. :)


Shea Marie of Cheyenne meets Chanel

Elizabeth and James Textile

now i wonder when i'll start seeing a lot of them
in the streets of Manila or on everyone's personal
style blogs. the last time i was shopping did not
give too many options yet. stores must start
stocking on them already if they want to lead the hype. heehee. ♥


Monday, April 16, 2012

blogAvid: Biglang Liko by Ron Henley ft. Pow Chavez

local, loud, & proud! ♥
now the boys (my two younger brothers) have been so much the
opposite of busy these days, so music's their way to beat the summer
air. ;) they introduced me to this song called Biglang Liko
by Ron Henley ft. Pow Chavez. i love that it's in Filipino
and how it's got a hip tune to it. i wish there are more songs
like this on the local airwaves. this has been on repeat.
and you won't imagine how long. haha. :D

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