Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cover wars: April (local scene)

Divine Lee graces the cover of Preview April wearing
Kermit Tesoro who's a good friend of hers. 

good styling is the key! ♥
Judy Ann Santos couldn't get any better. it spells
inspiration all over. girl power. atta!

one of the prettiest faces in the country, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales.
btw, she hosts Project Runway Philippines 3, and i just have to say
she can do better. ;)

Rogue always does it! winner by gorgeous default. ♥
now i wonder if this was a paid ad feature since
Solenn Heusaff has a Selecta Magnum in hand. hmmm...

of course, as you all loves know, the last is always the month's pick. ♥
and my April is one of Metro's 3 April covers, with Maja Salvador.
i love it when they glam her up 'cause she's just always
so simple-looking that a lot of gorgeous-ness is wasted. ♥


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