Wednesday, May 23, 2012

cover wars: May (local scene)

a few short breaths and summer's over.
so what better way to say bye to the heat but with more heat!
yes, i love a few this month!♥

first on the roster, is a guy!
my guy, Zac Efron. now this dude is the way
every man should age. c'mon, habang tumatagal lalong sumasarap? *wink*

my two most favorite this month are Rogue & Mega.
and because i love them so, i'm putting my fave photo from the ed spread.
now how would you like to drool with me? :)

Rogue is really one of the best local reads!

like i always say, i love it when Maja Salvador gets
glamorized. ♥ she's so gorgy!!! that's why she's my May pick!
and this photo is just wow! i wish she gets more gigs like this. :)

it's #PhFashionWeek guys! ♥
and since i've fewer invites this season, i'm crossing
my fingers really tight that i get to see my super fave supermodel
Puline Prieto. i hope she's at the finale show. if not, well, i
guess i have to be content with her editorial for Mega this month. ;)
photos from here.


house sitting 101

my Auntie Lea asked me to house-sit her home for three
days and here's a few things that kept the boredom away.

owemgee!!! these little 'creatures' are just the best. ♥
contrast between the dark choco and the juicy inside
is to die for. i like to put in the freezer for a while so
it's a little hard on the outside, and woah, heaven in tiny pieces!

i so loooooove almonds!
well, a lot of nuts actually. so these choco coated ones
sure made my stay all worth the while. ;)

i have little cousins who love to read too, so they left me this
to read. which of course, i finished on the first day. ♥
it's for young readers and it's on the vampire hype still. :)
my cousin tells me that the movie version is already on its
way starring Lili Allen. ♥


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week S/S2012

i knoooooow! =D
so since #PhFashionWeek Holiday2012 opens today, I'm giving
ode to the wonderful adventure I had last season through
a photo story. (yeah, i'm kind of feeling lazy to do the
details, so forgive me?) heehee. =) 

pardon the low-res photos like this one.
brought only a digicam. pack light, eh? *wink*

we'd sit and have a quick sip of coffee in between shows.
and y'know fashion week, the lobby's as much as a runway
as the ones inside the halls. insider info? this sit-down is
while a very loooooooooong queue for the Penshoppe show is happening.
they featured Mario Maurer, hence the longest line drama.
this season, they're bringin Ian Somerhalder of vampire Diaries to the runway.
and Queen B, Leighton Meester too!
what do I have to say?
well, anakngpating, i will die to get in! heehee. =D

this is the only photo we have on the first day.
'cause i'm such a booboo, my cam bat died even before the show started.


a little outfit change for the after-party. =D

the GREAT Michael Cinco!
he's doing a show for Bench this week with Rajo Laurel.

the front row royalties.
when you see a blond crown of head, it's gotta be the Chang sibs. ;)

Joshy baby, my fashion week buddy! ♥

 if it isn't my dear sister I'm with, it's Joshy baby. =)
fashion week is always fun! i'm not sure how much I do my part
to promote Philippine fashion,
but it's great how slowly and surely Philippine Fashion
is getting its mark on the global fashion calendar. ♥
well, see you guys there! =) especially at the finale show.

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