Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bohol lovin'

i sorely want to go back to Bohol very soon! *sad*
these are photos from Mama's recent visit and i remembered that i don't have any more
photos of my last visit there because they all got corrupted. ugh! (also remembered
how pissed i was.) didn't get to go frolickin' under the sun on Panglao beaches the
last time so i'll make sure to do so on my next visit.

Bohol's got a special place in my heart cause it's where
i went to on my first plane ride. plus i think it's the only city i'd feel safe
to go vacationing alone. i kind of have a weird fear of remote
or exotic and small vacay spots because of the movie Hostel.
*sigh* oh Bohol, see you soon. i hope? heehee.


Swatch New Gent Lacquered

these gorgy pieces from the Swatch New Gent Lacquered collection
just speeded up real fast to the top of my lust list.
i've never been a watch person but when i like one,
i learn to care of it. i like them simple and uncomplicated
like these ones. heehee! so if anyone's reading this, read
more between the lines. *wink*

P.S. they're doing a lil contest on this here.


SCENErs & saints

i SERIOUSLY need to go back to my
million-lbs-ago self NOW! cannot bear the sight of my
fat legs in shorts or pants these days. skirts are
my to-go loves of the moment.


Ashley Madekwe

hi you guys there!
i know most have just finished classes for the sem,
and yey it's summer vacay time!

i've actually been on unwarranted vacation so this is not
gonna make much of a difference. but cyber time for me is
always a luxury (by choice). *wink* so before i go on to blab more,
let me go ahead and talk about my nicey nicey news. =)

because of so much time i have from my 'unwarranted' vacay,
i've had time to make the telly my new best friend. haha.
that sounded pathetic! and the cherry on top is this!
i finished all three seasons of secret diary of a call girl.

but that ain't the story. i had to mention that because it's where i first
saw my newest favorite favorite (yes, two!) Brit actress
Ashley Madekwe! she has the prettiest face ever. i swear!
and so you could just imagine what eye candy moment it was when
i saw her on Revenge again (that's the latest series i'm on).
and then i couldn't put it off anymore. haha!
i googled her and i was on wonderful Ashley-land in a jiff.

no words needed. here are some of my fave photos.
these are all from her lovely lovely (two again!) blog from where i
found out that she's actually engaged to Iddo Goldberg who
also stars in 'secret diary' as Ben. they're getting married in June. and oh btw,
her blog says it's Iddo who's responsible for the gorgy photos.
love, love, love


rise and shine

okay, two things: i love Victoria Beckham and i love i-D!
now what this ish got me drooling is the caption.
rise and shine!
oooo-ey! =)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

denim glam by Blanco

i love Blanco's latest ad campaign for its
"We Love Jeans" collection featuring Izabel Goulart.
yum, yum, yum all 'em jeans! ♥


odd Starbucks bud?

odd combo, yes?
Starbucks' cream chip java with oishi seafood curls.
yea, the way to go with lame afties. ♥ *wink*


alter ego

i wanna be
mary-kate or ashley!
i'd wish a thousand times over and i'd say the same thing
again and again. i wanna be them. ♥

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