Monday, February 28, 2011

Abbey Lee for Versace

Abbey Lee for the Verscae S/S 11 campaign.


sunnies, my love!

oohhh! i found these gems on italia independent.
i love their LED lenses! i'm such a sucker for colors.
i want each one of them. ugh! summer, you always
get the best of me. ♥


oscars' way

been an Academy Awards follower since Boys Don't Cry.
there are only 3 things though that i interest myself in
about the Oscars. 1: best picture, actress, actor winners
2. the hosts 3. the who-wear-who

so, to no one's surprise Natalie Portman (Black Swan) won
Best Actress in a Lead Role, and Colin Firth got the
counterpart for The King's Speech which won Best Picture.
more of the list here.

Cate Blanchett easily bagged the best dressed win. on my list
at least. gosh, she's so regal! she wowed everybody,
including me, in this Givenchy Couture dress.

Mila K's a stunner too. i absolutely love her Elie Saab dress.
oooohh, that lace and chiffon! i may die. ♥


under my umbrella

 i've always had this weird thing for umbrellas. and you wouldn't
understand even if you tried. they're the only thing i've wanted
to customize besides dresses. i want my own hand at 'em.
and i want one with uber chic print under that only i can see.
ugh, umbrellas that are chic and functional? to die for!

 if only i can get one like this. i shall be a happy girl.
what, with a leopard print umbrella? will
finally have something leopies. ;)

i believe this is the pair i wanted for my birthday last year.
where have you been my babies? been looking everywhere
for you! top and this: Sandra's


loot bag

 i was cleaning my drawers the other day, and was able
to collect a pile of what's what and what-not. ;)

this cleaning thing is part of a bigger organizing plan.
i told myself i was gonna organize all my things and stuff this
first quarter of the year. i have to seriously get out of
my hoarding self. i keep everything! and i don't even know why.

 now this baby isn't going anywhere! not ever. =)

 straight to the trash. read: must-not-keep-incriminating-evidence.

 this was a stupid token from work. stupid talaga! who'd work
hard for this?! tell meeeeeee!

i got this bubblegum glass for my birthday in 2007, and i still
haven't used it. *hoarder* see what i mean?

 my UP id! ♥

my first solo flight. =)

 found love notes and other stuff too. i gotta say some
were really kilig. i think i heard myself sigh a "really? this happened?"
hahaha!:D i don't remember what happened on this
day, but it's just cute how one gets instantly creative
when rightly motivated? ;) "im CRAZY for you? seriously!

 i have plenty of these. and stick-on notes, and notepads.
and pens. and stationery. and letterheads. all unused.

 you gotta give it to this dude. he's still alive! and
he still does the 'i love you.' kyooot!

these are my favorite school documents when i was still in UP.
i fell in love with libraries and with books even more
because of these magic cards. always almost filled
them to the last boxes each sem. =) bibliophile.

the drawers're just an eighth, or smaller, of my
organizing goal. burned everything but the phone, or threw them
away. still got more.=) some will have to go to Caritas.
the others in the fire again. i never thought this
'cleaning out your closet' thing can be this much of fresh air.
hhhmmmnn. aaaahhhh. =)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

my favorite Vogue ed by Steven Meisel

i let you stare first. didn't write until this part. blown away?
i was too. this is an editorial for Vogue Italia in August 2010.
the theme's about relevant environmental problems thus the
title "water and oil." model Kristen McMenamy modeled
and at the same time acted. she sure had everybody moved
somehow. what, with the first photo pa lang?
this editorial just converted me into a Steven Meisel fan.
oh yes, this is his! do i hear some 'now wonder!' right there?
if a photo from this sits beside a Time photo, no
one will guess it's from a fashion ed.


TRENDencies: big hair

i like seeing big hairs like these. i have been waiting in vain
for my hair to grow so i can don this do. mine's still
too short that if i try this, i'm gonna lose my barely visible
chink of a neck. hihi.;) inspiring with these for now.♥

meet Diana Kang, my nfbf(new found bloggerfriend?) and her hair. hihi. ;)
i just gotta tell you guys, hers is i think the best personal blog
i've ever seen! each post is just bursting with inspiration and glam
and class and everything nice! see mooooore.


young Abbey Lee-Kershaw

Abbey Lee Kershaw for W Magazine Jan2008.


only she

only she can wear that and still look that good!
on someone else, it'd look like sheets brought out from bed.;)


old school

i found this from way back 2006. i remember when
all editorials looked like this. they make my heart skip a
beat. all editorials do. then's and now's.♥


the letters of Dolce & Gabanna

fresh from the milan fashion week is this collection from
masters Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabanna.
my, my, my! the runway is such an eye candy!
don't you just love it? ahhh! i've always been a pastel
color person so this is just an oooh moment for me.♥

 this looks like a raincoat but i wouldn't think twice wearing this.

 they all came out wearing this in different colors. seesh! i died and lived!

ooohh, that one's me!

aww-range! =) want mooore of the collection? 


Jessie J

oh boy, i think she's gonna be the next hot thing.
she dresses up like effortlessly! i've always thought
the likes of her is rare in the music industry. they're always either
so outrageously dressed or underdressed. trying to be
emotional every time. makes me think it's prolly hard
to marry music and fashion as opposed to common belief.


TRENDencies: color blocking

i sure do this a lot.
we've been seeing this on and off the runway this last season.


Friday, February 25, 2011

TRENDencies: platforms

Christian Siriano

Donna Karan

my fave accessories from New York Fashion Week Fall 2011.
oh yeah, still not over platforms.


i am a warrior


that cup o'coffee

anyone who's been on my blog before prolly have read that
the Olsens are one of my fashion icons. they just do it so effortlessly!
ugh. if i can be anyone for a day, i'd easily say i'd be them.
their paparazzi photos holding 'that cup o'coffee' are just immortal!
grabbed from olsensanonymous.


i smell you

ugh! the things i'll do to make each day a summer day!
bikini, sand, beach, wind, toes, hut,hat, HOT!






Thursday, February 24, 2011

unglammy Valentine

 the Love Day tradition year3!♥
this time everybody's present. or not?
cause bestie's supposed to bring some
ONE ALREADY. hihi. ;)

okay, who's with me on this?
i've always thought of Valentines as a very glammy occasion.
i mean girls dress up, guys spend up. haha!=)
maybe it's all the candles, and quartet, and all the
love-making that happens after? ;)
all i know, it's not a day to pig out. right?

but we did! oh boy.=)

 off to Macapagal where palutuan is the thing.

 you've gotta buy the fish and meat, or whatever you wanna eat,
fresh/raw/uncooked, so here we stroll at the palengke.

 mr. Lobster is inviting.

 ha! who's in need of aphrodisiac? friendly oyster's ready. ;)

 i don't have to tell you it was fun, right? we all have plans for the 14th,
so we ate out Sunday the 13th. teehee.;)

the LBD i was wearing was screaming. it was telling me "i could've
just stayed in the dark recesses of the closet." haha! with
all these food, i feel for you dress.

 the drive home's all laughs talkin' bout showbiz chika until
i saw ex driving right beside us and there were more laughs!
fancy seeing you, or your shadow at least. =) Pogi's
lookin' blue. ooopsy, he's red pala.

Riri with G. ♥

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