Monday, February 28, 2011

loot bag

 i was cleaning my drawers the other day, and was able
to collect a pile of what's what and what-not. ;)

this cleaning thing is part of a bigger organizing plan.
i told myself i was gonna organize all my things and stuff this
first quarter of the year. i have to seriously get out of
my hoarding self. i keep everything! and i don't even know why.

 now this baby isn't going anywhere! not ever. =)

 straight to the trash. read: must-not-keep-incriminating-evidence.

 this was a stupid token from work. stupid talaga! who'd work
hard for this?! tell meeeeeee!

i got this bubblegum glass for my birthday in 2007, and i still
haven't used it. *hoarder* see what i mean?

 my UP id! ♥

my first solo flight. =)

 found love notes and other stuff too. i gotta say some
were really kilig. i think i heard myself sigh a "really? this happened?"
hahaha!:D i don't remember what happened on this
day, but it's just cute how one gets instantly creative
when rightly motivated? ;) "im CRAZY for you? seriously!

 i have plenty of these. and stick-on notes, and notepads.
and pens. and stationery. and letterheads. all unused.

 you gotta give it to this dude. he's still alive! and
he still does the 'i love you.' kyooot!

these are my favorite school documents when i was still in UP.
i fell in love with libraries and with books even more
because of these magic cards. always almost filled
them to the last boxes each sem. =) bibliophile.

the drawers're just an eighth, or smaller, of my
organizing goal. burned everything but the phone, or threw them
away. still got more.=) some will have to go to Caritas.
the others in the fire again. i never thought this
'cleaning out your closet' thing can be this much of fresh air.
hhhmmmnn. aaaahhhh. =)

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