Saturday, February 19, 2011

i ♥ Betsey Johnson all the way!

i have to warn you, this post is gonna be overflowing with photos.=)
*big big thanks to for my daily fix of fashion news!

when i first met Betsey Johnson, it was already love at first show!♥
ever since i started following fashion news back in high school,
i'd always find her collection really forward.
(i mean fashion wouldn't be called as such if it was plain
and safe. it'd just be clothing, one of man's basic needs.)
oh, and the show! it's always quirky and fun and lively!
and just all-out and crazy! so Betsey Johnson!

now if you can remember, i said i was gonna post my favorite
show from the NYFW Fall2011. this isn't it yet. this is just how much
of a follower i am of BJ. =) she isn't part of my choices for my
fave show, she automatically gets the vote.
hmm, it's like 'which one do i like best besides Betsey Johnson's'
get it? well you better.;]

meet Betsey Johnson.
this photo is from last season's show grabbed from
MillionLooks. quirky, ain't she? ♥

the NYFW Fall 2011 collection.

 during the first part of the show, all the girls looked like this.
black(or whatever dark) hair, the bangs, sleek short, make-up.
(actually reminded me of Abbey from NCIS.
they look like her, don't they?)

 i love this to death! (read: idea for a gift. ;P)

 i'd wear this! ooohh, all that lace!

and then they started coming out looking like Betsey! =)

 this is favorite look #1.♥

this is suuuuuper favorite #2! ♥

and here's Betsey after the finale. =)
(didn't i tell you about quirky?)

what i really love about her work is that her collection always
speaks of her. it's like she gives a part of her every time.
her dresses are her. they're BETSEY JOHNSON. ♥


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