Wednesday, March 20, 2013

true to life

this could not get any more real.

i was perusing the alleys of Interview magazine online and i bumped into this
editorial for the March ish aptly titled The Art of Shopping. models
Janice Alida, Meghan Collison, and Irina Kravchenko played the parts really well!
i am transported to the context by staring at the editorial.
how cliche, but it's like true to life. haha. it must have been
easy peasy for Mikael Jannson shooting this.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

cover wars: March (local scene)

March is my favorite month of cover wars in the local scene.
absolute favorite!  for the single reason that it's swimsuit issue. ;)

A$AP ROCKY for Status magazine.
always, always cutting edge.

Preview's new layout. =)
Jodi's looking unjustly gorgeous on the cover.

this has to be my second favorite for this month because it's so colorful. hihi.
plus, Janine Togonon could very well stand beside Taylor Swift's Elle cover,
and even look prettier in the Louis Vuitton S/S2013 bodysuit.

no further ado, Rogue, again, is my March drool-focus!
i've said a million times already how much i love Rogue and their
well, very rogue, take on editorial. one could not expect any less. ;)
Rhian Ramos for Rogue.


ringin' spring in

spring to me is so synonymous to Manila's summer.
it is kind of like that actually since we don't have spring. haha.
dumb remark, i know. ;) so if a = b, and b = c, then a =c!
huh? so since i love summer, i must love spring too! ♥
and i love this Vogue Australia editorial that spells spring/summer all over.
Cassi Van Den Dungen is so dreamy as she poses for Will Davidson.
hello spring to you, hello summer to me! ♥


Monday, March 11, 2013

cover wars: March (across seas)

it's summer in Manila! ♥
and as much as i want to share my excitement over this to the whole world,
not everyone can relate at least yet. majority of the rest of the world
is just getting to saying goodbye to the cold weather and
welcoming spring. but spring is just as good, it's summer's
closest sister and best friend. ;)

so on to the cover wars this month, and the best from Spring 2013
are taking center stage on almost all glossies. Louis Vuitton,
i think, landed the most though. but see for yourself so you can
drool freely and dream of summer, and spring, yourself. =)
Victoria Beckham on the all new Elle.

i heard Heidi Klum is going to be a part of America's Got Talent's next season.
now that is what one calls expanding territory. ;)


 ha, this month's last spot goes to Flare! ♥
i have nothing too special to say about this cover,
but the color choices for the type are just lovely to the eyes.
and then Charlotte Free's pink hair made it all the more cute!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TRENDencies: reflective sunnies

i cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of reflective sunnies!
i am telling you, this is a major drool alert. =)
i have been crushing on them lovely reflective sunglasses since i saw
i saw my own reflection in them. ;) they are the hottest thing right now in the
little world of sunglasses. besides of course, the round-framed sunnies.
they may actually be sharing the limelight right now. hihi. ;)

i'm on a quest to find the perfect pair, or two and more,of reflective sunnies.
i scoured the dark alleys of the world wide web, and found a few
that really took the drooling to the next level.
(i MUST find a pair already!)

Phoebe Tonkin for an exclusive editorial
for wearing vintage sunnies.

 Preetma Singh wearing Westward Leaning

refinery29 (where i got these 3 photos) NY editor wears Westward Leaning.

opt for the reflective aviators if you can't let go of the As yet. ;)

 these two photos i found on Pinterest while
desperately looking for the best reflective sunnies out there.
please holler for credits. :)

and of course fresh from the streets of Paris Fashion Week,
these uber stylish ladies were snapped by Tommy Ton for

so is this ba-bye to wayfarers and aviators?
could be. but if it is, i don't think it's such a bad thing.
let's all admit we've all gotten to abusing these sunnies in ways more than one. :)
gah! i need those reflective sunnies, four weeks ago!


home-baked cake goodness from Let's Bake Love by Rina & Charl

remember my cake from last year? :)
it's adorable on all levels, and friends are still asking about it.
well, i've been meaning to write about the geniuses behind it,
but i just can't seem to find the perfect time. until now! =)

Let's Bake Love by Rina & Charl
is the brainchild of my good friends, well, Rina and Charl. :)
they're hobby buddies who fell head over heels in love with baking and creating beautiful cakes.

 these are all specially made designer fondant cakes. ♥
i don't cake speak, but whatever! all i care is how adorable these are.
not to mention yummy cake goodness in every bite! :)

they're so beautiful that they put instant big smiles on everybody's faces.

they also make designer cupcakes & toppers for all occasions. :)
your imagination's reach is the limit. your whims are their command.

of course, there's the classic all-time faves too. ♥ 

i know you can't wait to get your hands, and lips, on these delightful creations
so go visit Let's Bake Love by Rina & Charl, and like their Facebook page. :)
for orders and inquiries you may email them at

sweet spreadin' love, droolers! ♥

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