Thursday, March 3, 2011

bear witness

it has been a few days already since we've last seen
each other, and we were just itchin to meet up so we can
do the usual chika. oh yes, what're three girls to do. haha!
had to meet them in Makati cause Ta's coming from work
and so is Ri. changed into casuals(denim shorts, cropped
top, tank underneath) when i got home from school. it was almost
seven so i didn't make it in time to catch the bus' last trip. took 3 rides
to Greenbelt instead. whew. naturally starving when i saw Ta.
in the middle of our juicy steak dinner, she interrupted
with the biggest news ever. *i can't tell you tho.*
clue: finally! ;) so after dinner, we met up with Ri. walked 5 or so blocks
to her building and stayed for dessert at Starbucks so she
can tell us all the gory details. so she did and the couch, waffle, and the walls
bore witness to the story. i recorded the confession, but
tech idiot that i am, i don't know how to upload yet.
plus, i wasn't really diggin my voice on the vid. always
creepy to hear yourself on record. hihi. ;)
i love my sissies! ♥



  1. Oh, it is a great post! I really like it! ^_^

  2. Bunch o'thanks! Will be posting more personal entries from now on. =)


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