Monday, March 7, 2011

in the spirit of vacay-ing

these past few days, the articles i've been proofreading for work
are all talking about Sandals Resort in Jamaica. the students
were asked to write about resorts they'd like to visit. they
have to give three. i got so curious when almost all of them listed
Sandals in Ocho Rios. so i checked the website out. =)
yeah, you guessed right! i'm all ooooh and aaaah, and
no wonder why! haha!=) the place, on the photos at least, is
heavenly! it looks like something i'd really enjoy.
hmmm... what now? i gotta get myself a fat piggy bank
to fill so i can visit Sandals sooooooon!♥
i think i felt my toes itched at the sight of the beach and sand. =)
check Sandals out.
P.S. this is not a paid/sponsored ad. i'm just a
beach person like that!♥


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