Tuesday, March 1, 2011

we gon' party

foolin' around in the photo booth.
quick responsive reflexes, check! =)

daddy with the princesses. ♥

 rockin't it out at a children's party.
(moi, Ta, Riri, Ghie)

 ugh! that priceless smile! just love! she's poppin the bubbles. =)

it's my inaanak's (goddaughter) first birthday! and we partied like
it's 2thousand&12. haha.:D oh boy, don't you just love
children's parties? all that sweet stuff, balloons and games?
we had so much fun! or at least i did.=)
my inaanak is so smart. Chloe can clap her hands now,
and do the mano, and walk. i'm not really sure,
but i think it's too early for a 1year old to be able to do these.
and ate Nicole! she's getting more and more better posing
for pictures. she's such a little Ghie! ♥

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