Sunday, December 9, 2012

cover wars: December (across seas)

hey frogs & rats! :)
here's your regular dose of cover wars across seas.
of course, you're still drooling over the local glossies but
that's exactly the point. let's overdrool. haha! :P

this Coco Rocha cover reminds me of the Preview cover with Solenn Heusaff
and company. so brave without all the teasers. "buy me!" it screams!

Ashley Greene for GQ.

and we two Kate Moss again. :) i love these two covers equally, almost. ;)

this would've been my month's fave, especially since it got Sean O'Pry,
but i-D's so lovely and all emotional. :)

Will Chalker looking all i-D'd and doting. :)


the Beach Hut Bar in Boracay

Beach Hut is everybody's go to face sunscreen when it's time for
frolicking under the sun, in the water, at the beach. :)
it's a travel staple! forget your favorite pair of swimsuit but
do not leave without your Beach Hut. (no, this is not a paid testimonial.)
but in case you DO forget, worry not 'cause the
Beach Hut is sitting pretty on the sands of Boracay waiting to
serve you. and now through refreshing smoothies too! :D

see me thumb-uppin' my strawberry mango surprise? ;) 

yes the smoothies come in this cool and lovely tumblers that
just brighten any day with its tangy color. :)

although they sell this sunscreen dudes in the same shack as the smoothies
are sold, do not fret because they don't share tumblers. heehee. :P
happy hour at the Beach Hut Bar. shots anyone?

all smiles after a refreshing smoothie. :)


Saturday, December 8, 2012

cover wars: December (local scene)

it's the most beautiful time of the year! :D
so the droolville cover wars have high expectations. hihi. ;)
the December covers should be beautiful too, yes?

Sam Milby & Bea Soriano crowds the cover of Metro this month.
the glossie released two looks for the covers. 

this is very brave of Mega!
i love, love, love Solenn Heusaff's pixie! :)

i love Sky Ferreira so i love this ish, no connect to the cover?

ANTM British Invasion winner Sophie Sumner is this month's Meg cover girl.

*drum roll*
of course, the last spot [winner] goes to Rogue with the very
pretty in print Lovi Poe. i get why she's editorial favorite. :)


Mesa at the Boracay Regency

remember me telling you here how sometimes it gets crazy
deciding where to eat in Boracay? well, here's one more
joint to try! :) i hope this helps even a little. haha. :P
but if you're one rich girl who stays in the more upscale hotels and never
leaves the hotel grounds, you might wanna read something else. ;)

Mesa is a high-end modern Filipino restaurant from the Lamesa Grill group
owned by Kiko Pangilinan. it is housed at the Boracay Mandarin. so
basically i'm not talking about the Greenbelt branch in Manila. ;)
so anyway, back to Boracay! if you're walking around D'Mall
trying to find a place to eat, you will have to walk towards Station 3
instead and make sure you're not too hungry. :P

baby squids for starters. :)
i swear this has the biggest serving. i just could not remember
how much it was, but it's sulit!

aaahh, the lovely chicken honey patis! ;)
yes, lovely! i am not a chicken person, especially if the
skin is not crispy-fried, because i don't know how to eat chicken
the proper way. i always waste a third of the edible part.
but! this is the first time i ate chicken to the last bit of meat!
it's that good! :D i have even been hopelessly trying to cook this at home. ;)

another one of their specialties is the sisig in a pouch. :)

 don't forget to try the crispy tilapia. :)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

sunshine state on Cosmopolitan

here's a little treat for all you who drool. ;)
Megan McNierny for Cosmopolitan as photographed by
Franciso Garcia wearing gorgeous resort wear.

because i was born for summer! :D


rain chasing in Boracay

these are extremely overdue photos frogs & rats.
but shall post for history's sake. heehee. ;)
this was from my last Boracay trip in July which is a really
rainy month thus the rain chasing. :) it did rain but mostly during
the night when all everybody's doing is sleeping off all the booze
from happy hour. ;) a little warning though, these are random photos. :)



Monday, October 22, 2012

captivated by Numéro

i don't remember the last time i had a serious case of drooling over
an insanely gorgeous magazine editorial. and then this happened. :)
i was loitering at when i bumped into a massive
hurricane of beautiful editorial photos that are Numéro classic! ;)

it's for issue #124 of the magazine so it was basically old.
it starred Hailey Clauson lensed by
Sebastian Kim, who i swear is my newest photographer hero! :)

don't be shy frogs & rats, let's drool. come on now! :)

i really cannot decide. i mean i don't know if it's just the model skills,
or Kim's genius clicks, or the editorial's just beautiful. period. ;)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Elie Saab S/S 2013

i normally don't have much to say about Elie Saab's creations.
and i still don't have. :) i mean the dresses just say it all.
and usually i'm just at my best drooling self so not time to say anything. ;)
but bear a little with me now because i will be saying a few.

okay, so this first blue dress is a killer! :)
it's so lola to me, like so '50s or so Stepford-ish kind of way
that it tickles me to try to put on my own floral lola dress
that i have never worn yet since the day i bought it.

a serious play of prints.
i say this the subtle goodbye from the beautiful lace.
or hopefully just a way to cut the monotony. ;)
i don't know how i'll define my love of Elie Saab dresses
without the lace. =) 

i was wrong with the blue dress because this one is
deffo the killer! besides having me at the white, the cut is just
crazy genius! this is Grecian goddess to a whole new modern way. :)

lace ingenuity!

why hello there, mr. Genius! =)
for more from his S/S 2013 collection visit

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