Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mesa at the Boracay Regency

remember me telling you here how sometimes it gets crazy
deciding where to eat in Boracay? well, here's one more
joint to try! :) i hope this helps even a little. haha. :P
but if you're one rich girl who stays in the more upscale hotels and never
leaves the hotel grounds, you might wanna read something else. ;)

Mesa is a high-end modern Filipino restaurant from the Lamesa Grill group
owned by Kiko Pangilinan. it is housed at the Boracay Mandarin. so
basically i'm not talking about the Greenbelt branch in Manila. ;)
so anyway, back to Boracay! if you're walking around D'Mall
trying to find a place to eat, you will have to walk towards Station 3
instead and make sure you're not too hungry. :P

baby squids for starters. :)
i swear this has the biggest serving. i just could not remember
how much it was, but it's sulit!

aaahh, the lovely chicken honey patis! ;)
yes, lovely! i am not a chicken person, especially if the
skin is not crispy-fried, because i don't know how to eat chicken
the proper way. i always waste a third of the edible part.
but! this is the first time i ate chicken to the last bit of meat!
it's that good! :D i have even been hopelessly trying to cook this at home. ;)

another one of their specialties is the sisig in a pouch. :)

 don't forget to try the crispy tilapia. :)


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