Tuesday, March 22, 2011

roberto, my love!

 Roberto Cavalli has time and again put me under a spell!♥
you'll never go wrong with all these animal print and '70s
glamour. having Rasa Zukauskaite just makes the campaign
all the mile more gorgeous!♥ i love how she resembles Kate Winslet
in a prettier way. pairing her up with Anne-Marie van Dijk
is a sweet bonus.♥


Saturday, March 19, 2011

queen kate

i see these photos and my mind went blank for words but
"queen Kate." regal should do it. simply gorgeous!♥
(Kate Moss lensed by Mario Sorrenti for fashiongonerogue.com)


Friday, March 18, 2011

alexander mcqueen at pfw

the Alexander Mcqueen show's definitely my peg from the Paris
Fashion Week! ♥ they're my colors. it's so great how the house was
able to keep the McQueen identity. i saw his hands in each piece.
even the styling is superb. if there'll be a show i'd love to see in the future,
it's gonna be an Alexander McQueen show.♥ remember me
saying i'd try my hardest to post photos less than 5 when it's from
a show? well, i did my best! i love all these!♥  =]


teased... now lustin'.

Toni Garrn for Vogue Spain

Anja Rubik for i-D Spring

Constance Jablonski for Harper's Bazaar Spain

Regina Feoktistova for Marie Claire Italia

and more covers for ya! =)
April's just around the block. lust over these, and
make sure to get copies once they're out.♥


plenty of room

i went to see a Valentines concert with my lil bra.
it was held inside campus, so i didn't wear something overly
forward in the fear that the guards won't let me in.
the tix says they have the right to refuse entrance if guest's
inappropriately dressed. so i opted for jeans and a rocker shirt.
i paired my sister's Celine school flats that're half a size bigger
for my very little feet. very safe. took these shots while
the front act was still on stage. =)


more rihanna x vogue

wiiiii! i found other shots from Rihanna's cover shoot for Vogue US for
April. if you wanna see more tho, go to Vogue.com. isn't she just
woaaaaah?! i can imagine how Chris Brown must be feeling.;)
i am not a very big Rihanna fan, but i know when to like her
projects and stints. this one is on the list. simply love!♥
i wonder who's really responsible for her sexy chic image.
the world owes that a person a lot. :)


blogAvid: louis vuitton at pfw

because photos will never be enough. =)
see momma Kate Moss in motion. i love love love
the four doormen!♥ hihi.

PS. this video isn't mine. found it on fatalefashion's channel on YouTube.



Marloes Horst for Princesse Tam Tam Spring 2011 Campaign.
aaaahh, this just spells summer to the dot! i love!!!! ♥
for now, i can only wish i have the summer bod already. but
no fret my frogs and rats, i am halfway there! yihaaaa!
just wait, and get ready to be wowed in time. ;)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OD-ing on rihanna

Rihanna for Interview magazine Dec2010 photgraphed by Mikael Jansson.
just the right amount of overdose of some Rihanna on glossies.
now, is there ever a right amount of overdose? hihi. =)
i don't know if it's just me, or she really does editorials well. she actually
does it better than some veteran celebrities(read: not models.) maybe she
does the camera some gayuma before it shoots. hehe.=)
can i just say, the last photo's my fave! i love it. my other
OD -- black&white photographs.♥


april cover

this is how you know how fast time flies. =)
it hasn't sank in yet, and march is already slipping away fast!
but that means april covers are coming out soon. yay!
something to look forward to all the time.=) like this Rihanna
American Vogue cover for Apr2011. excited to see more photos
from the spread. oooohh, i know you are too fogs & rats!
Amanada Seyfried is on Marie Claire UK for Apr2011.
To me, she's retracing Anne Hathaway's steps to fame.
a very small role to rapidly landing bigger and bigger ones.♥


swooooshing lara

here's Lara Stone for an editorial for Vogue China, =)
she's allegedly been asked at a recent shoot if her boobies are
fake. whut? she explains it was for safety reasons. had her
breasts been fake, they would've exploded from the extreme pressure
from the shoot location. i'm like, okay. it's Lara stone, hey! and
the industry wouldn't have let her go that high up the fashion ladder
dangling fake boobs, right?

PS. i love the flowing full skirt! don't you?♥

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