Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dior at pfw

from suspension to firing.

i never thought it'd all end in the firing of John Galliano as
Dior's creative director after his alleged anti-semitic remarks
at a bar that was recorded on video. i did a shrug when i first heard
about it and thought it'd all be clear in no time, and the suspension
will be lifted. but fate didn't side with him, and Dior released
an official statement shortly after the vid was out firing Galliano.

but like everybody said, the show must go on and it did.
as expected, it was far from the usual. before the show started,
the fashion house's CEO delivered a long speech about upholding
Dior's values and not once mentioning Galliano. for the final walkthrough,
seamstresses and other atelier people graced the runway. one can just
imagine how emotional it was. person to replace genius Galliano
has not left the rumor mill ever since.
Karlie Kloss opened the show with a stunning black cape.♥
the first few pieces were very Galliano in their deep hues. the latter
pieces though veered into lighter hues. see more of the collection here.


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