Monday, March 7, 2011

thinner-thighs-and-legs bound

i am not gifted with height. anyone with me here? ☺
to make this worse, i can't seem to get my thighs and legs
shapely enough to compensate for their short length. so while i
was doing my usual rounds on fashiongonerogue, i saw this
paid ad on how to get your gams thinner.
yay! so timely. one's gotta do everything to get that
bod summer-ready. and so i read. when i got to #3, it says
that i can jump rope my way to nicer legs. yahoooo again!
like hell-o! i've been contemplating on doing this. so i'm on the
right track? haha! now i just have to continue that journey of
finding the perfect ropes, and i'll be in my most gorgeous gams
in no time! ♥ you with me? =)


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