Tuesday, March 8, 2011

anja x vogue from down under

wiiiii! Anja Rubik just saved my day!♥
i hate myself for not sticking to my schedule for the day,
when there's so much to do. i was supposed to meet up my
school friends since i haven't seen them for a while. (didn't get to
order Jollibee's new Meatballs meal tuloy.) so what am i to do?
ha! what else?! galugad mode. and who do i find? i did my
best to post just five looks, so you can check everything
yourself. Anja on the Edge of Forever for Vogue Australia. i
just love Max Doyle used the light for this shoot. and o'course
i am all for the colors. see that one on the last photo? hihi. ♥


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