Thursday, June 30, 2011

three, plus, plus, and plus!

it's usually just the three of us.

remember this from bear witness? =)

but when there's more of us together, it just
gets so much more fun! =D

okay, a little insider, aka boring, info frograts, listen up!
there's really 13 of us back when our skirts should still
be 2inches below the knee at good ol'
Nazareth School. but since college's always
bound to do one thing or another to your high school
barkada, so it did one to ours. two went to the States,
a few learned about boyfriends, *what are they anyway?* ;P
the others found their real niche, all types of
whatevs just happened.

we still see each other though on rare birthday celebrations or fiesta. ;)
so now that everybody's skin is aging, and
the oil price never rests from its mountain hiking,
one by one, we start missing the days when we
don't have to worry about them. :)

so one SMS sent, and one DM received, and viola!
i'm sure to be tweeting, "off to see the girls!"
or something like that. now this night is one of those. ♥

best friends reunited. ♥

and the reunion just goes on...

...and on!

my bestie Ishtar!
she said she's in a meeting. truth was she was with
boyfie. at Starbucks. 2 doors away from us. late!

hot momma!♥ Ghie(far left) doesn't know aging. ;)

and presenting, the camsluts! ♥
oh yeah, we ain't just ho's, we're sluts. ;D
Ishtar, moi, Riri

 moi, Ghie, Dindin, Riri


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

new york, new york!

this is a little late. it's Tuesday here in Manila today,
and Friday of last week was the day of yet another
historical event in the city that never sleeps. =)

it was a 33-29 state senate vote. just five minutes to midnight,
gay marriage was signed into law by Gov. Cuomo.
it was on PhilStar's World news section front page
on Sunday. i learned of it on Sunday too. kind of timely
since the Pride Parade was on that day. ♥

Gov. Cuomo & Speaker Christine Quinn received a hero's welcome
from the hooting crowd. i raped the world wide web for photos
of the parade, and got lucky bumping into some on
Twitter. *can't post any, of course. they aren't mine.*

they're so cuuuuuuute! you don't need anyone telling you it 
was a very joyous day. it's just so colorful! everything's
in rainbow. and of course, a surplus of flesh. ;P

students of Peyups have their own version of celebration
for this NY milestone inside the Diliman campus. everyone
painted their faces with the colors of rainbow.
and oooh, look at Oble, "proud and powerful."

this does not summarize my stand on this issue. and i'm not
planning on summarizing it. *hihi* i am just happy for everyone.
i mean, i can see how sincere their happiness is over
this triumph in their fight for equality. i don't know if
it's ever gonna happen here in PH, but i know plenty from the gay
lots and i love them to bits, and this is showing some
love back! ♥♥♥ =)

FTW New York. you just always prove why
you're THE city. =)

*all photos are from nydailynewsibtimes, and philstar.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer something

it's just the first day of summer for you frogs &
rats out there, but it's already raining cats & puppies here
almost every week. so here's a lil somey-something
for you. it's Marloes Horst for Seafolly. ♥

i wish it's summer everyday! and i mean it. ♥
have a sunSHINEy day! *smooches* =D


"whatda! MADAPAKA sana."

a MUST: press play & let the video buffer before
reading on. it shall serve as musical scoring for this post. ;D

he's driving.
i am seating on the passenger seat beside him.
i have my head slightly out of the window.
my hair dances with the wind.
when suddenly.... ......!
an abrupt stop!

i just have to guys. ;P were you already far
in your imagination? *hihihi* well, first and topmost,
i don't drive! i mean i can't. all i have that has anything
to do with drive is ze S word.
ye know, that s word!
*why you naughty frogs & rats! i meant SUCCESS!
the drive for/to success.* ;D

so continuing on...
(your prerogative now to stop the vid.)

the driving part is all a cloud of thought. ;)
i really can't possibly be letting my oh-so-curly hair
dance with the wind while some gorgeous man is driving
right beside me! dyahe men! ;P
what i am trying to say is that since mi pudakis
and mi mudakis are but lowly servants of this
very worldly world, i don't enjoy the luxury of driving
myself to school. yet! ;P so everyday, jeepney's the way!
or the bus. or the FX. whatever.


i'm really particular with my personal space.
and being in a commuter vehicle doesn't give any exceptions!
let's all sit in what space a P7 fare provides us guys.
at wag ng idikit ang mga tuhod at siko sa katabi!
if glaring could kill, i'd have been a serial killer by now.
glaring is not the least i can do. it's the best i can do,
bilang di naman ako pala-away.

*sigh* i know driving your own car has downsides to it too.
but until that day when i'm already driving
mi tsekot, i have these things to rant about.

so to all kuyas and manongs, power tripping
lolas that push you so they can sit where they want, and
mga ateng malalagkit tapos dumidikit pa,
i say this, "whatda! madapaka
sana!" ;D

*photos were sourced out from Google

Chuck Bass, errr, Ed Westwick!

i know the billboard ads are all over EDSA now,
and this post is relatively late, but hey!
its Chuck Bass, err, Ed Westwick y'guys!

i was still in my hiatus when he visited Manila for
the shoot. and i remember getting my regular
fix of juicy news from the broadsheets. i read an article
about how glad the Penshoppe big bosses are about
the success of their newest brand endorser. they knew
Ed Westwick is quite popular because of Gossip Girl
but they didn't expect the warm, scorching hot, welcome.♥

even the star did not expect he has such a huge fan base here
in Manila. he must have thought girls all go gaga over Nate or
Dan. tsktsk. he does not have a clue about what
cariƱo brutal is. ;D or how some 
Pinay hearts melt over it. ;)

loves, drool! ♥♥♥

PS: more photos on Penshoppe Facebook page. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

georgia color blocking, eh?

wondering why? or whaaaaaat?!?
fret not my frograts! it's just gorgeous in baby talk. ;D
well, to my dear friend's parents at least. ♥
i had the same reaction. i'm like, "huh?!"
but yeah, it makes sense. :)

PS: i'm still not over color blocking.


"sir, Diana Zubiri. in a white sando."

i made wrote this post in class. you can guess i wasn't
exactly listening to mr. Sir (i don't know his name
yet). it's an art appreciation class. :)
printed copies, *and i'd say poor ones* of Michaelangelo's
Creation of Man and Fabian Cueto dela Rosa's
Planting Rice stand in front of the class.

eherm! this isn't an art post love rats. *just so you know* ;)
so mr. Sir asked us to stare at them for some five minutes
while we filled out the seat plan. after what seemed like
eons more than five minutes, he started to randomly
ask us how we appreciate a work of art.

now, my two length-of-a-hair girl classmate more than
willingly volunteered her thoughts as the first blood. ;P
*brace yourselves now* and this post is about her!

just kidding you frogs! ;) it was SUPPOSED to be about
her and her rowdy use of Eeeeeenglisshhh.
and so i quote, "whenever we saw..."
BUT since i am not not without flaw, nor am i an
authority in this field, i am veering away from her.
PLUS #1, i dislike being responsible for sending ugly waves
of emotions to you guys. PLUS #2, mr Boy classmate just
raised his hand to recite. so my attention got diverted.
to HIM, opchors! ;D

and so he goes on to tell the whole class what
interpretations he has on the painting, or the copy of it.

i straightened up expecting a witty remark from
mr. wearing-his-corporate-attire-for-OJT.
"sir, i see Diana Zubiri. in a sando. a white sando, sir."
mr. Sir went to say, "isn't she a sexy actress?"
well, yes Sir, i thought. i was giggling hard!
i know he wanted to say something but how can he
when there are no wrong answers in art classes,
let alone art appreciation classes. =)

mr. Classmate must have been thinking of this.
cause after he's mentioned Diana Zubiri,
i kind of was able to see Tatarin from the painting.
hekhekhek! ;P can't you?
and just before he got himself seated again,
he said, "sir, tumatakbo na po si Diana."
NOTE: i wasn't the only one giggling hard, okay?!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

blogAvid: Oreo TVCs

tell me who does not find Oreo TVCs sooooper
doooper cutesy? you??? oh come on!
reeeaaaaalllllly? but anyhoo, boohoo, i am pretty sure
you are outnumbered. ha! the twist-lick-and-dunk strut
is just HAVEY! ♥ 

i'd live and die to tell my kids how cute their TVCs are. seriously.
i do not think the ads actually make you want to buy Oreo, & start
strutting the twist-link-and-dunk dance, but rather, it gives you
a feeling that you belong to an elite group
of millions, from all over the globe of course, who've had
their share of Oreo cutesy moments. 

this is a favorite! ♥
for the very short years we've had TV at our home of pawid
and straws (jk!), Oreo TVCs were all imported,
as is the product.

but AHOY...

this PINOY Oreo TVC came out, i think, late 2010 or early
this year. it features former PBA star Benjie Paras and his son. =)
it's just so nicey nice to fianlly have a Pinoy version
of the infamous Oreo ad. so, drool away. ♥


Friday, June 17, 2011

blogAvid: eat shit & die by Margaret Cho

for a long while, i've always wondered where my brother
got his fave-for-a-time expression, "eat shit & die."

until i saw Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhall's
Love & Other Drugs.
okay, so it was from the movie. haha.:D
i knew it! my brother wouldn't have said it himself.
and then i bumped into Margaret Cho and her song called,
what else beybeh, eat shit& die. ;)
it's got a jazzy vibe so i really loved it. subtle.
drool. like i did. ;*


Friday, June 10, 2011

covering june (across seas)

of course, there's gotta be some from across the blue seas. =)

and opening the show is....

tantananan, tanan! ;P
why, oh why, it's Ms. Kershaw! ♥

this spells F-R-E-S-H to me. all the way!
the direction is just gorgeous. even the dissimilarity
of the models' facial expressions is wonderful.
and then you have to top it off with a love maroon-is sweater
and curls! my, my, my! :D

the sloppy hat is love!♥

Numero is my NFL (new-found-love)!

well, hello to you too! *blowin' smooches

ultimate June love! *i died*
autopsy says it's due to over exposure to gorgeousness! =P


Monday, June 6, 2011

covering june (local)

here they are!!! *drum roll*

i'm all smiles. my fave, fave Mega magazine
got three supermodels on their cover. of course, i don't
need to mention that this my June cover pick. it's just wow! =D
remember Charo Ronquillo, Chat Almarvez, &
Danica Magpantay from my supermodel xxx post?
they're all Ford Supermodels winners, Pinays who hail from
the next design capital of PH (i think), Laguna.

my runner up pick would have to be this. lovely, just lovely! ♥
Metro cover showing off darling Kim Chiu
with Hollywood actor Matt Lanter.

here's a few more eye pleasures from the mag.
mr. Lanter is Jason, the ex-boyfriend, from the recently
released Roommate. but i believe he's more popularly
known as Liam of 90210.

Preview has got four stunning ladies for June.
so timely for Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heusaff,
Lovi Poe,  & Marian Rivera since their upcoming movie
Temptaion Island, a remake, is out soon.

there ain't no stopping Lovi Poe's reign. h-o-t!

Venus Raj for Cosmo.

ABS-CBN Publishing's newest offering Maven.

June is for Pres. Noynoy Aquino on Rogue.

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