Thursday, June 30, 2011

three, plus, plus, and plus!

it's usually just the three of us.

remember this from bear witness? =)

but when there's more of us together, it just
gets so much more fun! =D

okay, a little insider, aka boring, info frograts, listen up!
there's really 13 of us back when our skirts should still
be 2inches below the knee at good ol'
Nazareth School. but since college's always
bound to do one thing or another to your high school
barkada, so it did one to ours. two went to the States,
a few learned about boyfriends, *what are they anyway?* ;P
the others found their real niche, all types of
whatevs just happened.

we still see each other though on rare birthday celebrations or fiesta. ;)
so now that everybody's skin is aging, and
the oil price never rests from its mountain hiking,
one by one, we start missing the days when we
don't have to worry about them. :)

so one SMS sent, and one DM received, and viola!
i'm sure to be tweeting, "off to see the girls!"
or something like that. now this night is one of those. ♥

best friends reunited. ♥

and the reunion just goes on...

...and on!

my bestie Ishtar!
she said she's in a meeting. truth was she was with
boyfie. at Starbucks. 2 doors away from us. late!

hot momma!♥ Ghie(far left) doesn't know aging. ;)

and presenting, the camsluts! ♥
oh yeah, we ain't just ho's, we're sluts. ;D
Ishtar, moi, Riri

 moi, Ghie, Dindin, Riri


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