Monday, June 27, 2011

"sir, Diana Zubiri. in a white sando."

i made wrote this post in class. you can guess i wasn't
exactly listening to mr. Sir (i don't know his name
yet). it's an art appreciation class. :)
printed copies, *and i'd say poor ones* of Michaelangelo's
Creation of Man and Fabian Cueto dela Rosa's
Planting Rice stand in front of the class.

eherm! this isn't an art post love rats. *just so you know* ;)
so mr. Sir asked us to stare at them for some five minutes
while we filled out the seat plan. after what seemed like
eons more than five minutes, he started to randomly
ask us how we appreciate a work of art.

now, my two length-of-a-hair girl classmate more than
willingly volunteered her thoughts as the first blood. ;P
*brace yourselves now* and this post is about her!

just kidding you frogs! ;) it was SUPPOSED to be about
her and her rowdy use of Eeeeeenglisshhh.
and so i quote, "whenever we saw..."
BUT since i am not not without flaw, nor am i an
authority in this field, i am veering away from her.
PLUS #1, i dislike being responsible for sending ugly waves
of emotions to you guys. PLUS #2, mr Boy classmate just
raised his hand to recite. so my attention got diverted.
to HIM, opchors! ;D

and so he goes on to tell the whole class what
interpretations he has on the painting, or the copy of it.

i straightened up expecting a witty remark from
mr. wearing-his-corporate-attire-for-OJT.
"sir, i see Diana Zubiri. in a sando. a white sando, sir."
mr. Sir went to say, "isn't she a sexy actress?"
well, yes Sir, i thought. i was giggling hard!
i know he wanted to say something but how can he
when there are no wrong answers in art classes,
let alone art appreciation classes. =)

mr. Classmate must have been thinking of this.
cause after he's mentioned Diana Zubiri,
i kind of was able to see Tatarin from the painting.
hekhekhek! ;P can't you?
and just before he got himself seated again,
he said, "sir, tumatakbo na po si Diana."
NOTE: i wasn't the only one giggling hard, okay?!

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