Friday, June 10, 2011

covering june (across seas)

of course, there's gotta be some from across the blue seas. =)

and opening the show is....

tantananan, tanan! ;P
why, oh why, it's Ms. Kershaw! ♥

this spells F-R-E-S-H to me. all the way!
the direction is just gorgeous. even the dissimilarity
of the models' facial expressions is wonderful.
and then you have to top it off with a love maroon-is sweater
and curls! my, my, my! :D

the sloppy hat is love!♥

Numero is my NFL (new-found-love)!

well, hello to you too! *blowin' smooches

ultimate June love! *i died*
autopsy says it's due to over exposure to gorgeousness! =P


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