Saturday, January 22, 2011

redhead, please?

i'm not sure LiLo's still donning this hair color.

 why Miley, you're a redhead! a wax replica guys.

 classic beauty Julia Roberts wearing an auburn crown. =)

 Becky, Becky, Becky! you're a saint in one of my worlds. ♥♥

you know when people say that there's always something good that comes out from a bad event? well, i've my own share of those moments. =)

when i had to go to rehab from overdose of 'love drug,' i met a fairy that is hair color for the first time. (okay, just so it's clear, i din't go to any rehab. stupid! although i might have needed to. hehe.;P)

you should know how hesitant i was to dye my hair. but whattheheck! i'm like "let's do this." =) so while trying to decide which color to get, i used a total of 30 or so minutes. and went boldly for auburn. =)

so after n numbers of bottles and washes now, i'd like to tell everyone i wanna be a redhead! yeeeeha!=)

a dyed redhead that is. =)

i still wasn't sure about auburn (which is these redhead hotties' hair color) until i saw Rebecca Bloomwood again. y'all know Becky, right? from Confessions of a Shopaholic? i totally fell in love with her hair!

so after that magical sit-down with her, i decided imna get auburn every time from now on. the darker, the better! redhead, puh-leaaaaase? =)

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now, close your eyes ;)

life always has a funny way of sneaking up on me. and these two are one of my favorites. =))

love, Cravings choco caramel cake. warning: not for the weak of TEETH. ;P

and a pancake with a trying-too-hard garnish on top. by no other than my younger brother. the older of them, that is.=)) it don't get any sweeter, and crazier, than that with him. i remember i was feeling down that day.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blogAbook: Style by Lauren Conrad

the book was out in the middle of last year, but i only learned of this today when i was walking inside National Bookstore. now Lauren Conrad isn't exactly someone i'd make my style icon but i am posting this because i liked the book. i have no big bag of praises for the content but i think it's very relatable. you know those 'for dummies' books? i think this one follows the mold. (No offense meant.) her style (which i think may pass as what i call 'mannequin fashion') was captured in generosity of photos in semi-glossy book paper. she shares basic knowledge about everything from jeans to LBDs for girls who want to try a hand at being fashionable, or decent-looking at least, for the first time. even her fave online shopping sites were listed. so one thumb up. =)

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Monday, January 17, 2011

blogAvid: Terrified by Katharine McPhee ft. Zachary Levi

i instantly loved the song the first time it came out. if i remember it right, i think i said it's because of the way the song was executed. it is so full of emotion. it almost felt like a real song. not some track from an album meant to make someone, in this case Katharine McPhee, a living. hihi. ;p and then after quite a time, i learned that her featured duet is, *drum roll*, Zachary Levi. the Chuck Bartowski man! THE geek! now, his performance isn't exactly standing ovation worthy, but surely it's a refreshing thing to see him sing. :)) yeah, refreshing! okay, can i just say that if i'm ever meant to end up with a geek, i would LOVE to end up with Zach, erm, Chuck? i think i'm mixing up things here already. seeesh! enjoy the cheese. ;] 


Thursday, January 13, 2011

blogAvid: Firework by Katy Perry

it looks like a new year's blog entry is mandatory since everyone seems to have written one. so i'll try my best. but no pressures cause i'm a really lazy person. :)

since 2010's sort of a year i just want to erase on my life story, i am way glad over changing calendars. big hello 2011! a lot of people remarked that the holidays wasn't as festive as last year's, but trust me when i say it's a happy time to me. ;)

okay, maybe i don't want to really erase 2010. it's when i saw the true colors of everybody around me so it's still special. :) just imagine finding out that the people whom i thought have black for their gut's color turned out to have rainbow. and the ones i thought who have red have actually greasy black. so last year's not so bad. very humbling i'd say.:)

i'd like to thank everyone from last year but lemme do that some other time. :) i wanna wish everyone a happy year now. a little late i know, but i just told you i'm lazy. ;)

well, like i always say each year, OWN IT! 2011's the year. if the world's ending in 2012, then baby we're running out of time. maybe OWN IT MORE THIS YEAR's better. whatcha think?

i find the video fit. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just own the night...

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