Thursday, January 13, 2011

blogAvid: Firework by Katy Perry

it looks like a new year's blog entry is mandatory since everyone seems to have written one. so i'll try my best. but no pressures cause i'm a really lazy person. :)

since 2010's sort of a year i just want to erase on my life story, i am way glad over changing calendars. big hello 2011! a lot of people remarked that the holidays wasn't as festive as last year's, but trust me when i say it's a happy time to me. ;)

okay, maybe i don't want to really erase 2010. it's when i saw the true colors of everybody around me so it's still special. :) just imagine finding out that the people whom i thought have black for their gut's color turned out to have rainbow. and the ones i thought who have red have actually greasy black. so last year's not so bad. very humbling i'd say.:)

i'd like to thank everyone from last year but lemme do that some other time. :) i wanna wish everyone a happy year now. a little late i know, but i just told you i'm lazy. ;)

well, like i always say each year, OWN IT! 2011's the year. if the world's ending in 2012, then baby we're running out of time. maybe OWN IT MORE THIS YEAR's better. whatcha think?

i find the video fit. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just own the night...

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