Thursday, December 23, 2010

TRENDencies: of clogs and harem pants

*Chanel clogs(top&bottom)

*Stella McCartney clogs

*harem pants on the runway

*no debate as to why the Olsens are my fashion icons

clogs and harem pants have been pleasing my eyes endlessly these days. :)
but i haven't mustered enough courage yet to go get myself some.
maybe i just haven't met the perfect pair yet.
although i've seen clogs at some shoe stores already, but they're
the lola clogs sorts. cute but won't really stand out.
i think SM included clogs in their runway ensembles at the latest PFW.
local fashionistas have not been spotted yet wearing clogs.
i think some girls are still not over studded high heels and platforms.
Chanel led the clog-ing in their S/S2011 collection.
of course, the Olsens have been seen wearing them.
both clogs and harem pants. :)

*photo source is
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