Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i was at a wake last night. a big one.
the room is filled with flowers. lots of them. there were more flowers than mass cards. the sons of the deceased being businessmen, that’s why.
mourners were in whispers about how there were so many flowers. they were saying it would have been better if the flowers were money donations, or mass cards.
i wondered.
what would i prefer?
i don’t want my wake to be really sad. but i don’t want to see people happy about my being gone either.
i sure would want flowers! and lots of them too! i’d save up enough money so the people i’d leave behind wouldn’t wish for the flowers to turn into money. keyword: memorial plan!
i want sunflowers. :] i don’t like anything white unless it’s calla lily. sunflowers please. and strictly no anthuriums! :]
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