Thursday, December 23, 2010

TRENDencies: of clogs and harem pants

*Chanel clogs(top&bottom)

*Stella McCartney clogs

*harem pants on the runway

*no debate as to why the Olsens are my fashion icons

clogs and harem pants have been pleasing my eyes endlessly these days. :)
but i haven't mustered enough courage yet to go get myself some.
maybe i just haven't met the perfect pair yet.
although i've seen clogs at some shoe stores already, but they're
the lola clogs sorts. cute but won't really stand out.
i think SM included clogs in their runway ensembles at the latest PFW.
local fashionistas have not been spotted yet wearing clogs.
i think some girls are still not over studded high heels and platforms.
Chanel led the clog-ing in their S/S2011 collection.
of course, the Olsens have been seen wearing them.
both clogs and harem pants. :)

*photo source is

Thursday, December 16, 2010


a favorite!
eye bags & coffee. =)

blogAvid: Stigmatized by The Calling

a dear friend loves this song so much. =)
i learned to like it too. =)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

blogAmovie: Fast five

'cause i'm a sucker for swift drivers
yeah baby! =]

a new installment on the fast& furious series.
a reunion of all the cool stars from the past 4. and then they added Dwayne Johnson
to the cast. Jordana Brewster's still on it. =) i just wish Michelle Rodriguez
didn't have to die on the 4th. it would've been cooler if she didn't.

setting? Brazil!!!
it just gets better and better!
i hope the plot is not a let-down though.

now, this is one reason to wish 2011 to come

so we meet again Paul walker? ;]

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i was at a wake last night. a big one.
the room is filled with flowers. lots of them. there were more flowers than mass cards. the sons of the deceased being businessmen, that’s why.
mourners were in whispers about how there were so many flowers. they were saying it would have been better if the flowers were money donations, or mass cards.
i wondered.
what would i prefer?
i don’t want my wake to be really sad. but i don’t want to see people happy about my being gone either.
i sure would want flowers! and lots of them too! i’d save up enough money so the people i’d leave behind wouldn’t wish for the flowers to turn into money. keyword: memorial plan!
i want sunflowers. :] i don’t like anything white unless it’s calla lily. sunflowers please. and strictly no anthuriums! :]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

who said money can't buy love?

whoever said money can't buy love?

if i am not sorely mistaken, i believe that the Grand Lotto 6/55 waited almost
a month before it found a winner. so naturally, the pot prize grew to a
nausea-causing P741.2M. and boy, were the lines long!
the nausea boiled down into one [un]lucky head of a Juan/a on Monday when one,
and only one, winner was declared.
okay, so RP's got a new millionaire.

i've always been sorta lucky in things like this.
my name always gets picked in draws and the like.
so much so that my pudrakels will at times ask me to join, or bet, instead of him
doing it just because i got lucky bones. =P
but i don't remember lining up to play the Lotto in the last month.
hmm. (a)the lines were sooo long (b)i've no money
(c)wala akong alagang numbers (d)nakakatamad
oh, come on! i'll line up, find money, and be un-lazy for that much money!
i don't need numbers either, i always do lucky pick in the rare times i'd play lotto.

wait, have you even play the Lotto? ever? or you're a virgin at this like Ruffa G.?
hahaha!:D mayaman si ateng!

i found the ticket(in the photo) in my novena book. irony!
it's the last time i played. i think.
you see, i was scared to play this time.
i mean, i sure could use more cash especially that it's Christmas.
but what am i gonna do with P741.2M? it's too big.

yes, i dream of the things i'd do if i win.
i'd eat. i'd shop, and get myself a Balenciaga Motorcyle bag.
i'd have my hair colored, and buy a whip-ass smartphone.
i'd get the hottest pair of pumps on net-a-porter.
i'd fly to Boracay just to have lunch and indulge in some Jonah's mango-rum shake.
farther away in the dreaming, i'm buying a car.
and then i stopped.
where's the charity part?

see? i knooooooow!
i was way far in the dreaming, i can already feel the elbows of
Stephanie Zubiri as we were being photographed at a gala dinner.
ha ha ha ha! =D
pero wag kang kokak!
as if. i'm just being real.
di mo naisip yun? tse!
i think those are the thoughts you'd have if you didn't actually
go out to play. hehe.

so whoever said money can't buy love?
it can dude!
it'd get you exclusive memberships.
it'd introduce you to big-named friends, and husbands-to-be.
it'd bring you the world, noh!

but the question is....
(okay, here comes. you know this part is coming.)
what kind of love? or friends? or husband?
what kind of world?

whenever i try to wish i was born to filthy rich parents, the
thing that always snaps me back to reality is the reason why
i try to wish for it in the first place.
and they're my family, my friends.
if i were born to rich parents, who'd i invite to my big house?
i'm sure my friends will have equally big houses because i was born rich, right?

it's nice to see your dreams come true.
for the right reasons.
for the right people.
and it's always nicer that when they finally do come true, you're holding
your family's and friend's hands.
and your values are all in a safe box.

be careful what you wish for, 'cause really, you might just get it. =)

*this is a legal tender dollar bill i use as a bookmark. it's a metaphor. so, get smart.

'tis the season for nicety

it's DECEMBER! Yay!!!=))
and yay again! oh yes, it just makes me a really happy lass.
different sorts of rush is everywhere.
some are rushing to finish Christmas shopping, rushing work deadlines
for '10, others just rushing 'cause there's too much rush in
the air. moi is rushin' the rush. or not? hahaha.=D
i took pictures of the meager Christmas stuff put up at home so
it'd feel & look like it's Christmas.=)
well, my toads & rats, we all still have enough time to quit the
naughty, and start the nicety.
yow Santa! yuhoo?
here's a peck on yer rosy cheek! ;*

Monday, November 29, 2010

make way for mr. Pedro Lourenco


*what's that lace called? it hugs the flesh,
and becomes it. ugh! painfully gorgeous!

okay, so mr. Pedro is just 19. yes, 19!!! i was having my usual fix of
eye-pleasing, to the point where my pupils involuntary dilate, stuff when i came
upon Pedro Lourenco. he hails from Brazil, and have designers for parents.
this uber young genius made noisy waves in the two latest seasons of Paris Fashion Week.
both his shows were talked about. and why wouldn't they be?
in this day where everyone's either a designer, photographer, or big-time fashion
blogger (mostly self-proclaimed, of course), mr. Pedro is fresh air to me.
his work screams fashion! in its truest form i believe.
so, make way. =)

*photo source is

hi Barbie!

i’m not one of those girls, who when they marry and have a daughter, will have at least one boxed Barbie to hand down. i never had one. my mom never bought me one, and no one ever thought of giving me one too as a gift.
i remember having a really big (almost life-size) doll with yellow hair and yellow dress. but i don’t recall it being nearly as glamorous as Barbie is. it’s just a big yellow thing that’s nice to be tucked in to bed with. (anyway, my lovely-but-sometimes-wicked sister threw it to the fire one day. just ‘cause she wants to, and she can. isama daw ba sa mga tuyong dahong sinisigaan sa ilalim ng punong mangga.) that was back when we still used to wear matching clothes (read: 18 years ago).

now a few weeks back, i was walking in Greenbelt5 with mah lil bratha, on our way get some gelato when we passed by the Barbie Basics exhibit. it’s a day old. the launch was the day before so no more thick sea of people dressed up, I’m assuming, as gorgeous, if not like Barbie. there was just a couple or two taking pictures, and since everything is nice and pretty and my eyes were about to get pleased, we joined in.


local designers dressing Barbie in LBDs

in Louboutins.

twilight fever still. a shirtless (of course!) jacob doll.

*sorry for the poor photog skills ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

blogAvid: Got Your Back by T.I.

i just have to blog this, don't i?:)

but i love the song! super. so much!♥
and for a lot of reasons.

it's got the perfect lyrics. and the song has a cute sound to it. hihi. (yeah, yeah. that's not the way to talk music. idk how to, okay?)

it's like a sister song to destiny's child's Cater 2 You, which i love.
especially this part...
"i promise ya
remain the same chick you fell in love with,
i'll keep it tight, will keep my figure right,
i'll keep my hair fixed, be rockin the hottest outfits"

keri hilson is dancing here that kind of dance ah like! man, id like to think i dance like that. h-o-t! got swagger, eh?:) the first time i saw the vid gave me the same feeling i had when i saw knock you down for the first time.

and t.i.'s kinda gwapo. i mean, he got something if he was on larry king one time, right?♥ he's singing his life here. when i saw his interview on larry king, photos of his girl were flashed and i was like, "he's more beautiful than her." get what i mean? you get comments like that when you see couples together. hehe.;) and if he's this dedicated to his girl, well, woman, you are just lucky!:)

indulge ladies & gents. :)

i got your back boy
we were high
we were low
but i promise i will never let you go
said i got i got i got i got your back boy
i got i got i got i got your back boy
(i know you got my back right)
keep my swagger
keep it looking good for ya
keep it looking hood for ya
shawty if you don’t know
i got i got i got i got your back boy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

being spiderman

you are entitled to your opinion.

i get it. it's the same way that i am.

but man, you can't live long on this planet if you speak every opinion(variation: comment/insight) you have. if that's the way the world should be then i guess we shouldn't have been endowed with private thoughts in the first place.


okay. i am not at all free of guilt here. ;)
sometimes i get too carried away by my emotions.
or i find my opinion really cute or smart(conceited!).
or i just feel like it. what the H?!

so i write, i shout, i tweet, i text, i post, i tag, i email, i raise my hand.
it's one or all of the above.

but to express your opinion at someone else's expense?
Sapakan na lang o!!! ;D

kidding aside.
screening is the key. be your own guard. use the privacy of your thoughts. they aren't made private just so you can secretly drool over your crush at work, or lament on how your teacher can look at a mirror and not see her lipstick-stained teeth. let your opinions stay in that little clove of your tiny brain even for a brief second.
if, and only if(?), you are 99% sure, or at least eighty, that you aren't stepping on someone with your opinion or how you'll be expressing it, then go ahead, do yourself a favor and let the world know.

write, shout, tweet, text, post, tag, email, raise your hand.
choose one or all of the above.

i may sound self-righteous here. maybe i am really self-righteous. or maybe, just maybe, i hit you hard on the bull's eye! ha ha ha ;D

i ain't perfect. you aren't. the world isn't.
but our dear earth is already too polluted, let's not create more pollution that we might someday call bad vibes pollution.

if you can help it, keep your negative opinions inside their cocoons and let them remain as caterpillars of thoughts forever.

if you can't help it, just 'cause you think it[expressing opinion] is a mighty right you've earned from your forefathers' revolutions, then stay the eff away.
you know what things unleash THAT opinion, or THAT ugly way of expressing it. so stay away from those things, and you won't ever have to crunch your guts again just to keep them inside your head.

what you don't know/hear/smell/see/read(get it?), won't hurt you.

give earth a break! it can use a day of human beings exhaling words of positive opinions here, and more human beings inhaling words of positive opinions there.

with great power, comes great responsibility.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

-BER rush

so. september finally kicked in. and 'tis that season again! yay! five weeks or so ago i dreaded for this month to come. for a lot of immature reasons. now that it's here, well, nothing really happened. haha. yet. oh well.

for all fashion aficionados out there, September is BIG, right? Vogue enumerates the reason why. i was doing my best to not notice it's already September when Vogue reminded me it already is. Hmm. i guess i would not have it any other way. the reminder is nice, and pretty! :)

this the oldest(and my first) issue of Vogue i found in good 'ol Recto.

hahaha. this is back in 1993. be careful what you wish for, 'cause you might just get it.

Anna Wintour. past. present. future.

*drum roooooolllllllll all the hard work. ahh, the fruits of it. :)

Of course, Kate Moss had to be on one.

I hear this Vogue Italia is in 3D. What?

these are the September cover of the local magazines. did any one come close?;)

This is easily my favorite.

I'm sure somewhere a countdown has began. I haven't seen one. On the TV at least. Because. We still don't have the TV at the new place. Ha ha ha. I'm excited about Christmas. And I hope I continue to be until the "commemoration." :) We'll finally be decorating. Seriously!

yeah, 'tis that season again. the season when i'm most big and heavy. i'm sure i'm not alone. the girls, and i, have a lil plan of going to the gym. so we can offset the holiday's gain and be ready come boracay in january. Eeeeeee! as the gym-ing is still a plan, i'm thinking of harassing my poor parents(hehe) into having me get braces already. and viola! instant diet. hahaha. i hope for either or both. :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :D

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