Tuesday, September 14, 2010

-BER rush

so. september finally kicked in. and 'tis that season again! yay! five weeks or so ago i dreaded for this month to come. for a lot of immature reasons. now that it's here, well, nothing really happened. haha. yet. oh well.

for all fashion aficionados out there, September is BIG, right? Vogue enumerates the reason why. i was doing my best to not notice it's already September when Vogue reminded me it already is. Hmm. i guess i would not have it any other way. the reminder is nice, and pretty! :)

this the oldest(and my first) issue of Vogue i found in good 'ol Recto.

hahaha. this is back in 1993. be careful what you wish for, 'cause you might just get it.

Anna Wintour. past. present. future.

*drum roooooolllllllll all the hard work. ahh, the fruits of it. :)

Of course, Kate Moss had to be on one.

I hear this Vogue Italia is in 3D. What?

these are the September cover of the local magazines. did any one come close?;)

This is easily my favorite.

I'm sure somewhere a countdown has began. I haven't seen one. On the TV at least. Because. We still don't have the TV at the new place. Ha ha ha. I'm excited about Christmas. And I hope I continue to be until the "commemoration." :) We'll finally be decorating. Seriously!

yeah, 'tis that season again. the season when i'm most big and heavy. i'm sure i'm not alone. the girls, and i, have a lil plan of going to the gym. so we can offset the holiday's gain and be ready come boracay in january. Eeeeeee! as the gym-ing is still a plan, i'm thinking of harassing my poor parents(hehe) into having me get braces already. and viola! instant diet. hahaha. i hope for either or both. :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :D

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