Monday, October 22, 2012

captivated by Numéro

i don't remember the last time i had a serious case of drooling over
an insanely gorgeous magazine editorial. and then this happened. :)
i was loitering at when i bumped into a massive
hurricane of beautiful editorial photos that are Numéro classic! ;)

it's for issue #124 of the magazine so it was basically old.
it starred Hailey Clauson lensed by
Sebastian Kim, who i swear is my newest photographer hero! :)

don't be shy frogs & rats, let's drool. come on now! :)

i really cannot decide. i mean i don't know if it's just the model skills,
or Kim's genius clicks, or the editorial's just beautiful. period. ;)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Elie Saab S/S 2013

i normally don't have much to say about Elie Saab's creations.
and i still don't have. :) i mean the dresses just say it all.
and usually i'm just at my best drooling self so not time to say anything. ;)
but bear a little with me now because i will be saying a few.

okay, so this first blue dress is a killer! :)
it's so lola to me, like so '50s or so Stepford-ish kind of way
that it tickles me to try to put on my own floral lola dress
that i have never worn yet since the day i bought it.

a serious play of prints.
i say this the subtle goodbye from the beautiful lace.
or hopefully just a way to cut the monotony. ;)
i don't know how i'll define my love of Elie Saab dresses
without the lace. =) 

i was wrong with the blue dress because this one is
deffo the killer! besides having me at the white, the cut is just
crazy genius! this is Grecian goddess to a whole new modern way. :)

lace ingenuity!

why hello there, mr. Genius! =)
for more from his S/S 2013 collection visit


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

blogAvid: Madness by Muse

i perfectly know i have something else to blame for this
feeling i have towards the song. ;) which i am not going to divulge
even under pressure. haha. but then this does not
change the awesome fact that this song, and the video too,
is massively awesome! did i just say massively? *shrug*

i have recently been drooling over how good dubstep music is,
so i got a little giddy when i first heard, actually saw, Madness on [V].
it has a little hint of dubstep tunes, or so i imagine?
and the video's really good!


LANVIN Fall 2012 Campaign

you all know how much love i have for Steven Meisel,
so i'm not gonna go over the top now. =) but with having mentioned that,
you might have already guessed that this campaign is his genius work. :)

it's fall so this is not news to anyone,except of course if you
live in a cave and has no post office box somewhere. :)
and if you do live in a cave and have no post office box
somewhere to pick up your glossies, then let me break the news
about this ad that made news (heehee) because it featured
non-models. and boy did it rock!

this is droolville to the extremes. i imagine these ladies (not all young
and thin as sticks) looking exactly like they do after some
serious drooling or real buying.

ahh, it could not come closer to real than this. =)
kudos LANVIN.

photos from fashiongonerogue.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Edgar Buyan Holiday 2012 Collection

it's ten more Wednesdays til it's Christmas!
yes, i know. =) it's so close when you count like that.
and it's two more Wednesdays til it's fashion week. =)
i know! again. so what better way to usher in these few
more Wednesdays? ha!

since almost everyone who share fashion week stories do so during
the week it's happening, or shortly after that, i'd do differently.
the last season presented collections for Holiday 2012 so let's all gush
over these gorgeous creations during the season we're
supposed to be donning them. =)

first up frogs & rats, Edgar Buyan.
man i love his creations! i am not a menswear person,
but i'm a convert when his are in front of me. =)

 they're uberly gorgeous and colorful. i say more color in menswear
wouldn't hurt especially if they're so geniusly made.

Edgar Buyan's creations are chic without giving up the masculine.

ahh, the gold shoes & purple socks! =)


SCENErs & saints

it's movie night, and i wanted to wear something quirky. =)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

blogAvid: Kickstarts by Example

so this is the song that introduced me to dubstep. =)
quite a song, right? heehee. well, it was actually my little brother
who got me hooked to the genre. i kind of love how they're
so cool versions, sometimes cooler, of songs.
and the originals? wow, they're seriously wicked!

if you'd like to have dubstep defined you can check, but i say dubstep is.....
who cares what i say? haha! =)
for starters, dubstep is basically a new genre
of electronic music. =)

i love this song because it's perfect for virgins!
dubstep virgin that is. it has quite a subtle attack since
it still has that pop kick. below is a remix of the song.
and the video is like a short film that's so sick! simply beautiful. =)

if you know Skrillex, you know dubstep. =)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anne Curtis for Folded & Hung

i wish i can do this more often. drool over gorgeous ad campaigns
as much as i drool over beautiful editorials. cause by then,
i won't be busy doing nothing all the time anymore.
and i am talking, and talking, talking so shut up me now! ;)

here's Anne Curtis for the pre-holiday campaign
of folded&hung.

photos from fashionmediaph.


cover wars: October (local scene)

like i said about cover wars across seas, tiresome hands and minds seem
to have dominated this month's glossies. ;) except maybe for
this month's flave. 

okay, we have two of Angel Locsin for October.
and on two of my most favorite gossies!
i could not be happier. ;D


Monday, October 8, 2012

eating my way up the Eiffel Tower

my 35mm affair: eating my way up the Eiffel Tower
as this is a photography affair, i want to point out how faulty my eyes can be.
yes, it's not the camera's fault if the focus is on the wrong object.
but then again, sometimes there are happy accidents. :)


Red Coconut in Boracay

one of the very few difficulties i face when in Boracay is the
seemingly endless dining choices. i always get the itch to just
enter the first joint i see just to get it over with and go back to my
enjoying the sun, sand, and water. :)

but of course, after a few times of having to face this difficulty,
the missus has, i believe, learned a little of the art of dining in Boracay. ;)

and for starters, i fell in love with Red Coconut!
the hotel/restaurant/bar is always full mostly with foreigners so
this my best go-to place for breakfast, when crowd's still thin.

their oh-so-melts-in-your-mouth Cheese Omelette.

this may look the most ordinary spaghetti to you, but be fooled not
because it got this lovely taste that makes you want to take
forkful after forkful. (i kept trying to guess the ingredient that
makes it superb while i was finishing the plate, but didn't succeed.)

Red Coconut is well a few steps to Station2 coming from Station1.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

cover wars: October (across seas)

   everybody seems to have shown how tired they are. ;)
here are what i have gathered from this month's pretty glossies. :)

this could have been easily my favorite for October.
oooh, i love the cover layout! i am so close to wishing all glossy
covers look like this. ;)

okay so here's the reason why Harper's Bazaar did not win my last
spot for the month. ;) i love this! need i say more?

all photos from

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