Monday, October 8, 2012

Red Coconut in Boracay

one of the very few difficulties i face when in Boracay is the
seemingly endless dining choices. i always get the itch to just
enter the first joint i see just to get it over with and go back to my
enjoying the sun, sand, and water. :)

but of course, after a few times of having to face this difficulty,
the missus has, i believe, learned a little of the art of dining in Boracay. ;)

and for starters, i fell in love with Red Coconut!
the hotel/restaurant/bar is always full mostly with foreigners so
this my best go-to place for breakfast, when crowd's still thin.

their oh-so-melts-in-your-mouth Cheese Omelette.

this may look the most ordinary spaghetti to you, but be fooled not
because it got this lovely taste that makes you want to take
forkful after forkful. (i kept trying to guess the ingredient that
makes it superb while i was finishing the plate, but didn't succeed.)

Red Coconut is well a few steps to Station2 coming from Station1.


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