Friday, October 12, 2012

Edgar Buyan Holiday 2012 Collection

it's ten more Wednesdays til it's Christmas!
yes, i know. =) it's so close when you count like that.
and it's two more Wednesdays til it's fashion week. =)
i know! again. so what better way to usher in these few
more Wednesdays? ha!

since almost everyone who share fashion week stories do so during
the week it's happening, or shortly after that, i'd do differently.
the last season presented collections for Holiday 2012 so let's all gush
over these gorgeous creations during the season we're
supposed to be donning them. =)

first up frogs & rats, Edgar Buyan.
man i love his creations! i am not a menswear person,
but i'm a convert when his are in front of me. =)

 they're uberly gorgeous and colorful. i say more color in menswear
wouldn't hurt especially if they're so geniusly made.

Edgar Buyan's creations are chic without giving up the masculine.

ahh, the gold shoes & purple socks! =)


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