Saturday, January 28, 2012

a thing of spring

Liya Kebede stars the Spring collection of H&M.

isa lang ang masasabi ko....
mukha syang nanay! but in a good way, pwamis!
*triple wink* she's just so gorgeous in a, uhm, how does
one say it? in a gentle way? heehee!

bright colors, stripes, some sand and sun,
well, it's gotta be a thing of spring!

P.S. her skin is my thing of envy!


cover wars: January (across seas)


new year, new ways.

won't be saying too much from now on. let the covers speak for
themselves. unless of course i've extremely good feelings
over a certain one. *wink* a girl's gotta say what a girl's gotta
say anyway, right?

changed titles too, if you noticed. the last ones will still
be my fave of the month. drool if you must. loves for 2012!


NFL (new-found love)

i bumped into a chest of lil treasures!
remember y'guys when i did the same with another chest of treasures
that goes by the name Diana Kang? *wink*

well, here's a new one,

guess what, Olivia Lopez hails from Manila.

"tough times baby, tough times."

just the right capsule of inspiration in these tough times. i hope so anyway. *shy smile*
represent baby girl! we hear ya right back from the lil home called MNL. *wink*

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