Friday, April 8, 2011



days off from work are rare, so when they do come,
you make sure you make sure you get the most
out of them. how? shoe shopping! =))
i was snapping shots on the mirror while my baby
sis is fitting on a pair of oxfords. who'd have thought
we'll find oxfords in 168? :) lucky! and tell you,
they're really unique-looking ones.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

flat on yer feet

seldom do i see my girls wearing flats. ;)
Mary-Kate & Ashley at their LA launch of
Elizabeth & James textile.


i've been nailed

in the spirit of coral nail polish. =)
was goofin' around the store while on break taking
behind-the-scenes shots at my friend's pre-nup shoot.
my nails didn't get the spotlight on this photo tho,
but you can see how it's orange-y, right? =)


covering april (across seas)

here's more! *slapping-to-yer-face*
here are more covers for all ye cover-lustful
babes like moi. ;)

i'm sure this one's a sold-out even before it's out. =)

this came second.♥ it's got summer written all over it.

i ain't some mag cover correspondent who scouts
the globe for pretty glossie covers. so you may be wondering
why just these ten, or why all these ten.
well, there are two things. either i like the magazine,
no matter who's on the cover, or i like who's on
the cover but not necessarily the magazine. :)
okay, top pick? Numero baby! why shouldn't
it be? ♥


covering april (local)

here's the April stash of glossy covers from *allHAIL*
the pearl of the orient seas, Philippines. =)

what goes wrong when you have Hindy? nothing!

 just see how similar the Mega & Preview covers are.
color blocks anyone? :) to me, these two have always
been the contenders. :) great ish all the time.

W-I-N-N-E-R! ♥

oh, you know how much i love magazine covers!
these are only few of my favorite fashion/lifestyle publications.
this month, my vote goes to Rouge! *clapCLAPclap*
now, i am still very far from being over color blocking but
since everyone's doing it this month, i pick Rogue to be
my April fave!♥ i've always loved how Rogue evokes
a classy taste. out of ten, only three (just my thought) will pick
Rogue from a bookstore rack, and baby, you'll be able to tell
a lot about these three girls. ;) classy will be one of them.♥


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

fool for april

i'll sure to be one the whole month! =P
i owe everyone loads of posts, and they've piled up.
will be posting and catching up soon. have
time on my side now. won't be long i know, but hey,
it's still time. =)

been waiting to post this Gisele Bundchen cover
for Vogue Paris April. i just love how the
Dolce & Gabbana dress she's wearing is white!
it's almost i can feel the air through the fabric.
this ish is officially Emanuelle Alt's first as
Vogue Paris' new editor-in-chief. kudos!

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