Thursday, April 7, 2011

covering april (local)

here's the April stash of glossy covers from *allHAIL*
the pearl of the orient seas, Philippines. =)

what goes wrong when you have Hindy? nothing!

 just see how similar the Mega & Preview covers are.
color blocks anyone? :) to me, these two have always
been the contenders. :) great ish all the time.

W-I-N-N-E-R! ♥

oh, you know how much i love magazine covers!
these are only few of my favorite fashion/lifestyle publications.
this month, my vote goes to Rouge! *clapCLAPclap*
now, i am still very far from being over color blocking but
since everyone's doing it this month, i pick Rogue to be
my April fave!♥ i've always loved how Rogue evokes
a classy taste. out of ten, only three (just my thought) will pick
Rogue from a bookstore rack, and baby, you'll be able to tell
a lot about these three girls. ;) classy will be one of them.♥


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