Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TRENDencies: a take on the pastel pants

 remember when every pair of jeans in town was colored?
haha. i'm sure i got some of you laughing or giggling.
don't worry, i'm guilty. i might've worn The pair a couple
of times (yeah, just a couple 'cause i was never a pants person).

now, years later the colored is back. only, now it's in
pastel colors which are really things of the season.
i must say i am loving 'em. especially that i have
been seeing them on my fave people. :)


Shea Marie of Cheyenne meets Chanel

Elizabeth and James Textile

now i wonder when i'll start seeing a lot of them
in the streets of Manila or on everyone's personal
style blogs. the last time i was shopping did not
give too many options yet. stores must start
stocking on them already if they want to lead the hype. heehee. ♥


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