Thursday, April 26, 2012

redhead take #2

it's still summer, and all the saltwater's been painful to my heart.
why? just 'cause i've been dying to color my hair already.
fading is what's happening up there! what's worse is i bumped
into Miranda Hobbes (y'know of SATC) while watching
Sex and the City on HBO.


and then Emma Stone has to do it too. i mean inspire. :)

oh, and Lindsay Lohan of course. ♥
i love how she went back to her redhead-edness. ;)

i'd normally color my hair auburn, the darkest possible shade.
sometimes i'd use Epielle's when i'm in the mood
for some diy at home.

but i'm not quite so sure with the auburn anymore.
i'd like my hair to be really a colored redhead's
dream come true. so right now, i'm in the hunt for burnt orange
or copper. the darker the better, 'cause y'know a redhead's
hair gotta look like this. ♥


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