Wednesday, October 13, 2010

blogAvid: Got Your Back by T.I.

i just have to blog this, don't i?:)

but i love the song! super. so much!♥
and for a lot of reasons.

it's got the perfect lyrics. and the song has a cute sound to it. hihi. (yeah, yeah. that's not the way to talk music. idk how to, okay?)

it's like a sister song to destiny's child's Cater 2 You, which i love.
especially this part...
"i promise ya
remain the same chick you fell in love with,
i'll keep it tight, will keep my figure right,
i'll keep my hair fixed, be rockin the hottest outfits"

keri hilson is dancing here that kind of dance ah like! man, id like to think i dance like that. h-o-t! got swagger, eh?:) the first time i saw the vid gave me the same feeling i had when i saw knock you down for the first time.

and t.i.'s kinda gwapo. i mean, he got something if he was on larry king one time, right?♥ he's singing his life here. when i saw his interview on larry king, photos of his girl were flashed and i was like, "he's more beautiful than her." get what i mean? you get comments like that when you see couples together. hehe.;) and if he's this dedicated to his girl, well, woman, you are just lucky!:)

indulge ladies & gents. :)

i got your back boy
we were high
we were low
but i promise i will never let you go
said i got i got i got i got your back boy
i got i got i got i got your back boy
(i know you got my back right)
keep my swagger
keep it looking good for ya
keep it looking hood for ya
shawty if you don’t know
i got i got i got i got your back boy
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