Wednesday, December 1, 2010

who said money can't buy love?

whoever said money can't buy love?

if i am not sorely mistaken, i believe that the Grand Lotto 6/55 waited almost
a month before it found a winner. so naturally, the pot prize grew to a
nausea-causing P741.2M. and boy, were the lines long!
the nausea boiled down into one [un]lucky head of a Juan/a on Monday when one,
and only one, winner was declared.
okay, so RP's got a new millionaire.

i've always been sorta lucky in things like this.
my name always gets picked in draws and the like.
so much so that my pudrakels will at times ask me to join, or bet, instead of him
doing it just because i got lucky bones. =P
but i don't remember lining up to play the Lotto in the last month.
hmm. (a)the lines were sooo long (b)i've no money
(c)wala akong alagang numbers (d)nakakatamad
oh, come on! i'll line up, find money, and be un-lazy for that much money!
i don't need numbers either, i always do lucky pick in the rare times i'd play lotto.

wait, have you even play the Lotto? ever? or you're a virgin at this like Ruffa G.?
hahaha!:D mayaman si ateng!

i found the ticket(in the photo) in my novena book. irony!
it's the last time i played. i think.
you see, i was scared to play this time.
i mean, i sure could use more cash especially that it's Christmas.
but what am i gonna do with P741.2M? it's too big.

yes, i dream of the things i'd do if i win.
i'd eat. i'd shop, and get myself a Balenciaga Motorcyle bag.
i'd have my hair colored, and buy a whip-ass smartphone.
i'd get the hottest pair of pumps on net-a-porter.
i'd fly to Boracay just to have lunch and indulge in some Jonah's mango-rum shake.
farther away in the dreaming, i'm buying a car.
and then i stopped.
where's the charity part?

see? i knooooooow!
i was way far in the dreaming, i can already feel the elbows of
Stephanie Zubiri as we were being photographed at a gala dinner.
ha ha ha ha! =D
pero wag kang kokak!
as if. i'm just being real.
di mo naisip yun? tse!
i think those are the thoughts you'd have if you didn't actually
go out to play. hehe.

so whoever said money can't buy love?
it can dude!
it'd get you exclusive memberships.
it'd introduce you to big-named friends, and husbands-to-be.
it'd bring you the world, noh!

but the question is....
(okay, here comes. you know this part is coming.)
what kind of love? or friends? or husband?
what kind of world?

whenever i try to wish i was born to filthy rich parents, the
thing that always snaps me back to reality is the reason why
i try to wish for it in the first place.
and they're my family, my friends.
if i were born to rich parents, who'd i invite to my big house?
i'm sure my friends will have equally big houses because i was born rich, right?

it's nice to see your dreams come true.
for the right reasons.
for the right people.
and it's always nicer that when they finally do come true, you're holding
your family's and friend's hands.
and your values are all in a safe box.

be careful what you wish for, 'cause really, you might just get it. =)

*this is a legal tender dollar bill i use as a bookmark. it's a metaphor. so, get smart.
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