Monday, November 29, 2010

make way for mr. Pedro Lourenco


*what's that lace called? it hugs the flesh,
and becomes it. ugh! painfully gorgeous!

okay, so mr. Pedro is just 19. yes, 19!!! i was having my usual fix of
eye-pleasing, to the point where my pupils involuntary dilate, stuff when i came
upon Pedro Lourenco. he hails from Brazil, and have designers for parents.
this uber young genius made noisy waves in the two latest seasons of Paris Fashion Week.
both his shows were talked about. and why wouldn't they be?
in this day where everyone's either a designer, photographer, or big-time fashion
blogger (mostly self-proclaimed, of course), mr. Pedro is fresh air to me.
his work screams fashion! in its truest form i believe.
so, make way. =)

*photo source is

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