Monday, March 4, 2013

the Nokia Lumia feast at Abenson

still on a high with Windows 8? well guess what guys?
the newest from Nokia's Lumia series now come with Windows Phone 8!
how's that on your coolness meter? right up there, i'm sure! =)

the Nokia LUMIA 620, LUMIA 820, and LUMIA 920
gives you instant access to your apps as it is equipped with Live Tiles.
that's being connected on the go, all the time! ♥

these dudes also come with the Nokia Smart Shoot that lets you
take a series of photos with just one click. spells awesoooome! :)
plus, Manila will be on a whole new level through the Nokia City Lens.

i know at this point it's hard to ask for anything more,
but the Lumia 620 & Lumia 820 is also packed with the full-version
Microsoft Office, Outlook, and internet Explorer 10.
wow, right? ;D

then there's moooooore! :)
how does wireless charging & swappable shells sound to you?
(i can see you jumpin' up and down there!)

okay, so before you crash your house down with all the jumpin',
let me calm you down by saying these mobile geniuses are
at the tip of your reach at all Abenson outlets.
(more jumpin' really?)

i feel you right there though. :) there isn't a better place
to shop for the Lumia 620 & Lumia 820 than at
the nation's largest appliance store network. :)

it's the ultimate destination for the latest mobile technology.
head on over to their nearest branch, and take advantage of their latest
promos and pay as low as P500 for these dudes,(and stop the jumpin'),
because they offer this on all major credit cards. :) 

to locate the nearest branch visit

photos from nokia.

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