Wednesday, March 6, 2013

home-baked cake goodness from Let's Bake Love by Rina & Charl

remember my cake from last year? :)
it's adorable on all levels, and friends are still asking about it.
well, i've been meaning to write about the geniuses behind it,
but i just can't seem to find the perfect time. until now! =)

Let's Bake Love by Rina & Charl
is the brainchild of my good friends, well, Rina and Charl. :)
they're hobby buddies who fell head over heels in love with baking and creating beautiful cakes.

 these are all specially made designer fondant cakes. ♥
i don't cake speak, but whatever! all i care is how adorable these are.
not to mention yummy cake goodness in every bite! :)

they're so beautiful that they put instant big smiles on everybody's faces.

they also make designer cupcakes & toppers for all occasions. :)
your imagination's reach is the limit. your whims are their command.

of course, there's the classic all-time faves too. ♥ 

i know you can't wait to get your hands, and lips, on these delightful creations
so go visit Let's Bake Love by Rina & Charl, and like their Facebook page. :)
for orders and inquiries you may email them at

sweet spreadin' love, droolers! ♥


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