Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TRENDencies: reflective sunnies

i cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of reflective sunnies!
i am telling you, this is a major drool alert. =)
i have been crushing on them lovely reflective sunglasses since i saw
i saw my own reflection in them. ;) they are the hottest thing right now in the
little world of sunglasses. besides of course, the round-framed sunnies.
they may actually be sharing the limelight right now. hihi. ;)

i'm on a quest to find the perfect pair, or two and more,of reflective sunnies.
i scoured the dark alleys of the world wide web, and found a few
that really took the drooling to the next level.
(i MUST find a pair already!)

Phoebe Tonkin for an exclusive editorial
for wearing vintage sunnies.

 Preetma Singh wearing Westward Leaning

refinery29 (where i got these 3 photos) NY editor wears Westward Leaning.

opt for the reflective aviators if you can't let go of the As yet. ;)

 these two photos i found on Pinterest while
desperately looking for the best reflective sunnies out there.
please holler for credits. :)

and of course fresh from the streets of Paris Fashion Week,
these uber stylish ladies were snapped by Tommy Ton for

so is this ba-bye to wayfarers and aviators?
could be. but if it is, i don't think it's such a bad thing.
let's all admit we've all gotten to abusing these sunnies in ways more than one. :)
gah! i need those reflective sunnies, four weeks ago!


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