Monday, March 11, 2013

cover wars: March (across seas)

it's summer in Manila! ♥
and as much as i want to share my excitement over this to the whole world,
not everyone can relate at least yet. majority of the rest of the world
is just getting to saying goodbye to the cold weather and
welcoming spring. but spring is just as good, it's summer's
closest sister and best friend. ;)

so on to the cover wars this month, and the best from Spring 2013
are taking center stage on almost all glossies. Louis Vuitton,
i think, landed the most though. but see for yourself so you can
drool freely and dream of summer, and spring, yourself. =)
Victoria Beckham on the all new Elle.

i heard Heidi Klum is going to be a part of America's Got Talent's next season.
now that is what one calls expanding territory. ;)


 ha, this month's last spot goes to Flare! ♥
i have nothing too special to say about this cover,
but the color choices for the type are just lovely to the eyes.
and then Charlotte Free's pink hair made it all the more cute!


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