Monday, September 3, 2012

turning forever young!

yay! i just turned 18! again! hahaha! ;)
i'm forever young, and you all must give it to this girl. ;)

 i think i might have painted the town, or at least Makati, pink
on my birthday eve. i was wearing a pink romper and my uber pretty pink cake matched! :)

in my pink rompers with almost-killer sleeves. ;)

had an intimate dinner at Kai Japanese Restaurant with my friends. :)
and i have to say a birthday dinner couldn't get any more humble.
i am blessed! feelings all validated. :)

i must come back though coz kitchen ran out of cauliflower tempura
which we all died of after tasting. a real must try! :)
plus, since i have the most beautiful cake, i didn't get to sink my
sweet teeth (yeah, i've more than one sweet tooth) into
their peanut butter chocolate bar. so see you soon dude!

 me and my bestie Ishtar. :)

the pink painter (me) with cake queen Rina. :)
i have the most beautiful cake ever! :)

 on the day of my birthday, i made classic spaghetti red
topped with chicken honey patis for the whole fam. :)
and instead of wearing pink again, i wore red. ;)

still the star of the night i must say. i'm a lucky girl! :)


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