Tuesday, September 11, 2012

cover wars: September (across seas)

here they are frogs & rats!
the fruits of everybody's labor. shall we drool together? :)

i promised myself i would keep the words short in this post,
so we all can have more time drooling over these glossies.
so, imma start talking just now. haha. of course, mr. & mrs. Beckham
grace covers of  big September glossies. hands down.
Esquire & Glamour? come on!

i'm a symmetry freak so you should know there's a reason why
Karlie's cover is bigger than the others when it's not my month's fave.
well, all that are bigger on this post are runners-up. ;)
plus, been recently getting green eyed over lovely couple
Caleb Followill & Lily Aldridge. connection? Karlie & Lily are bffs. ;)

my month's flave!
Rita Ora on Asos. i love her! ;)


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